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MONDAY 25.09.2017 :: 
Monkey 3 (CH) + The Necromancers (FR)

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

 » Monkey 3 (CH)  (Stoner / Psychedelic)


Monkey3 are a psychedelic rock band from Lausanne, Switzerland, that is similar in style to bands like Beaver, latter day Celestial Season, Pink Floyd and especially 35007.
They rely on hypnotic riffs and repetitive nature of music. In live situation this is all enhanced by light shows and by projecting images and snippets from movies on to the stage or a backdrop.


Monkey3 starts in 2001 in Lausanne (Switzerland) as a jam-band community, influenced by a psychedelic and stoner-rock vibe that reminds Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin or 35007.
With their debut album « Monkey3 », released in 2004 by belgian label Buzzville Records, the band got great reactions and reviews all over Europe, putting them on the map of the stoner-rock scene.
The 2nd album « 39Laps » is released in 2007 and features a highly acclaimed cover of a movie classic, « Once Upon A Time In The West » by master Ennio Morricone. The same year, the band played the famous Roadburn Festival in Holland and did an European tour, immortalized in a live DVD, « Live At Aventicum » (2009), recorded at the festival Rock Oz Arènes (Switzerland).
The 3rd record, released in september 2009, is a cover album named « Undercover », loaded with covers from Archive, Kiss, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. This project features, as guest-vocalists, John Garcia (Kyuss, Hermano) and Tony Jelencovich (Transport League, M.A.N). For that album, the band toured Europe and played the Roadburn Festival 2010 (Holland) and the Hellfest 2010 (France).
May 2011, release of the 4th album « Beyond The Black Sky », on the german label Stickman Records. The album has been recorded at Studio de la Fonderie (Fribourg, Switzerland) with the young and talented producer Johann Meyer. The artwork is by Malleus. The band starts a new European tour, playing, among others, Desertfest 2012 (Germany) ,Hellfest 2012 (France) and the roadfestival Up In Smoke Vol.4 (Europe, 14-29 sept 2012)
 » The Necromancers (FR)  (Progressive Rock / Doom / Occult Rock)
THE NECROMANCERS are a young Heavy/Occult Rock band from Poitiers (France) that formed in 2016. Drawing their main inspiration from mythological, religious and fantastic tales of Europe as well as classic horror cinema from the last century, they are a strange alliance of musicians from a wide range of backgrounds.
From Progressive Rock to Doom Metal, THE NECROMANCERS' music is a condensed hybrid of muddy influences emerging from fuzzy and mesmerising witchy riffs, metallic passion, and thickened doom. Think of an unhappy encounter between dark gods at the corner of a foggy street and you’ll get a feeling.
Having already toured France with Elephant Tree in February this year, the future certainly doesn’t look dark and depressing for the band. Now signed to heavy rock leader, Ripple Music, for the release of their debut album "Servants of the Salem Girl” (August 18th), THE NECROMANCERS plan on touring Europe and taking their music to the next level!
“The Band is still young. We never would have thought of signing with a label like Ripple. We could hardly hope for better. It is an honor and a surprise. Now, we are looking forward to the next tour and to be able to defend our album wherever we can.”
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