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SATURDAY 21.10.2017 :: 
Ska punk school tour ::
 Ska Punk
King Prawn (UK) + Dirty Bees + Black Sheep + The Dancing Morons + Jet 8 (CZ)
 » King Prawn (UK)  (Ska Punk)
They're back.
One of the most original sound defying bands of the nineties and noughties return to the same homogenised world that first spat them out.
With fire in their belly and skank in their soul,
MKII chapter 1, shall we begin?
 » Dirty Bees   (Ska / Punk)

Groupe belge jouant un mélange de punk cuivré et de ska, Dirty Bees allie la puissance d’une guitare, d’une basse et d’une batterie avec l’énergie et la mélancolie d’une trompette et d’un saxophone. Leurs textes incisifs, chantés en français ou en anglais avec cette rage qui les entraine d’une scène à l’autre, parlent de leur conception du monde, de leur vie au quotidien, des valeurs qui les animent et portent un regard critique sur le monde qui les entoure.

Sur la scène depuis 2006, Hadri, Nico, Kev', Arnaud, Thierry et Piet enchainent les dates pour distiller leurs mélodies et partager avec un maximum de monde une musique accessible mais engagée, entrainante mais travaillée…

 » Black Sheep   (Ska Punk)

Punk-rock-hardcore band from Belgium.

We exist for almost 10 years, we've already been playing in France, England and Germany. We have released the first album "Première Conclusion" on February 2008 and a split album with Nina'school in October 2010. We have just released our new album "The straight line will take you only to death" on june 2012

We've already played with band such as Dead To Me (USA), Voodoo Glow Skulls (USA), The Flatliners (CA), Antillectual (DE), Rentokill (AUT), Astpai (AUT), Frank Turner (UK), The Filaments (UK), From Plan To Progress (UK), Crazy Arm (UK), Sonic Boom Six (UK), The Arteries (UK), Five Knuckle (UK), Adequate Seven (UK), P.O Box (FR), Nina'school (FR), Charly Fiasco (FR), Dolores Riposte (FR), Guerilla Poubelle (FR), Dirty Fonzy (FR), Uncommommenfrommars (FR), Birds In Row (FR), ...

 » The Dancing Morons   (Ska-core / Punk Rock)

Started in 2008 as a hardcore punkrock band, releasing two E.P.’s and touring the UK a few times sharing the stage with huge bands such as The Adicts, UK Subs and many more, the band evolved it’s music in 2012 by transforming into a 7 piece ska formation. The addition of trumpet, sax and trombone gave room for a hard-mouthed mixture of melodic, danceable ska but with the straight-forward, pounding punkrock and the high-level caliber of party on their live gigs that they are well-known for.

 » Jet 8 (CZ)  (Ska Punk / Punk Hard Core)
 + ENTRANCE : 14/17€
 + OPENING HOUR : 18:30
 + ORGANIZERS : AeM Project: web
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