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 » WEDNESDAY 13.01.2016 
WEDNESDAY 13.01.2016 :: 

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!!

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Locrian (US) + Jason VAN GULICK + Bear Bones, Lay Low
Drone Noise / Ambient / Black Metal / Experimental
» Locrian (Drone Noise / Experimental / Black Metal)

2015 marks ten years since the formation of Chicago-based LOCRIAN, who over the past decade has left a smoldering mass of well over twenty recordings in their wake, many of them self-released, many others through labels including Diophantine Discs, Bloodlust!, Plague Journal, Small Doses, At War With False Noise, Land of Decay, Pilgrim Talk and others before signing with Relapse Records in 2012 for the release of their The Clearing LP. The band’s experimental/avant approach unifies post-industrial ...

» Jason VAN GULICK (Drum Solo Experience)

Next paths traced by Fritz Hauser , Lê Quan Ninh or Chris Corsano, he said through his solo projects, its place as a percussionist and musician in their own right.

The exploration of space by the diffusion of sound and staging of the musician from the public, have become a recurring theme in his projects.

Having started in 2011 by transforming its kit using sensors, Jason Van Gulick returns with a purely acoustic set,

In this solo he developed a rhythmic and physical appraoch ...

» Bear Bones, Lay Low (Noise / Drone / Experimental)
Drone based sound that take your soul to put it in a Fuckin' dissonance of PsychedeliKezed Sound  Feel The Texturized Sound Of DE DRÖNZE They will change on the next time some amazing stuff appears and show you an other DimENSSION. Voice are not Flute are not the sound are not what you are sure but in HIS dimension The Abstract show YOU OTHER WAYS To Follow if you are attentive For.
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