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 » TUESDAY 25.04.2017 
The Sunshine Lounge
TUESDAY 25.04.2017 :: 

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

Farflung: "Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are left with no choice but to cancel our European tour."

If you play psych music and want to open for the Cosmic Dead, drop us an email to info(at)magasin4(dot)be

The Cosmic Dead + The Sunshine Lounge
Psychedelic / Space Rock
» The Cosmic Dead (Space Rock / Psychedelic / Krautrock)
"The Cosmic Dead may hail from Glasgow but their music sounds as if it were created in another universe altogether" - Drowned in Sound   "If the rings of Saturn could sing,  this is the sound they would make." - Zero Tolerance   "Psychedelic kraut explorations into infinity" - Winning Sperm Party
» The Sunshine Lounge (Drone / Ambient / Soundscapes)

Named after a Jakeys respite in clydebank (mid 70's) The Sunshine Lounge plough the furrow between relaxation and anxiety, calm and violence, silence and chaos. Run by Mark Smith, a Glasgow born, Hague Resident, member of TheHagueElectronikCollectiv (with The Monoranger, Einszelganger and Momentum Lost), DJ at Radio Tonka and culinary chemist. Been making music since I first saw J.G. Thirlwell on the Tube in '85.

ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4
 » APRIL 2017
 + SATURDAY 29.04.2017
 Metal / Hardcore / Stoner
Nostromo (CH) + Hangman's Chair (FR) + Harpias Night
 + SUNDAY 30.04.2017
NUITS DU BEAU TAS Punk / Rock and Roll
Ex-Cult (US) + Japans