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 » TUESDAY 05.06.2018 
TUESDAY 05.06.2018 :: 

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

Big Ups (US) + King Fu + Topanga
Noise Rock / Post Hard Core / Punk
» Big Ups (Noise Rock / Post Hard Core / Punk)

On May 18th, 2018, Brooklyn’s Big Ups return with their third full-length via Exploding in Sound Records. After forming eight years ago, the band comprised of Brendan Finn (drums), Joe Galarraga (vocals), Amar Lal (guitar), and Carlos Salguero Jr. (bass) continue to tackle dualities in the aptly named Two Parts Together. If 2014’s Eighteen Hours of Static was a brash screed about faith versus science, and 2016’s Before A Million Universes an introspective look at the individual against society, ...

» King Fu (Rock)

Greg (Daggers, The K, Necrodancer, Woods of Yore...), Mathieu (J U N G L E) and Billy Ray (Sonny's Heels, PopKatari) formed King Fu by chance at the end of 2016. Basically, they were preparing a punk set with 2 other friends to support legendary band Conflict (UK) at La Zone (Liège). This concert was finally cancelled and the trio decided to keep on rehearsing. After just three months, King Fu recorded a first mini-album at Studio 5 in Chênée with Oli Jacqmin from Face The Truth. 'Cobracadabra' ...

» Topanga (Noise Rock / Indie)

Oddball toytown keyboard refrains, flatulent bass and boppy riddims before a riot grrrl shouty chick steps up - the keys get atonal and weirder and all in all it's great stuff – melt Banana meets Ut meets Huggy Bear – the keys really lift things coming in like cut price can via Craig Scanlon's work on The Man Whose Head Expanded... like this very much. 'Our influences are Sonic Youth, Flipper, Fang, Radiohead, Madensuyu, Pissed Jeans, Beastie Boys. We're offering non-conventional ...

ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4
 » JUNE 2018
 + FRIDAY 01.06.2018
 Noise Rock / Psychedelic kraut
Casual Nun (UK) + Bruxa Maria (UK) + Tarabush
 + MONDAY 04.06.2018
 Psychedelic / Indie / Spacerock
Bardo Pond (US) + Theeunforeseen + Seno Nudo
 + TUESDAY 05.06.2018
 Noise Rock / Post Hard Core / Punk
Big Ups (US) + King Fu + Topanga
 + THURSDAY 07.06.2018
 Americana / Soutern gothic
Slim Cessna's Auto Club (US) + Gipsy Rufina (IT)
 + SATURDAY 09.06.2018
 Psychobilly / Rock And Roll / SpeedRock / Punk
Banane Metalik (FR) + Radical Suckers (FR) + The Zombie Crows
 + WEDNESDAY 13.06.2018
 Noise Rock / Indie / Jazz Core
Belly Button (FR) + Mr Marcaille (FR)
 + SATURDAY 23.06.2018
 Sludge Metal / Doom
Church Of Misery (JP) + Dopethrone (CA) + Sons Of Otis (CA)
 + SUNDAY 24.06.2018
 Noise Rock / Punk
Distorted Pony (US) + Cani Sciorri (IT) + EXCELLENTE ATTITUDE
 + WEDNESDAY 27.06.2018
 Noise Rock
Moe (NO) + Suiker Zuiker