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 » THURSDAY 02.05.2019 
THURSDAY 02.05.2019 :: 

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

The Skull (US) + Worshipper (US)
Heavy Metal / Doom Metal
» The Skull (Heavy Metal / Doom)
(ex-Trouble) Featuring original TROUBLE vocalist Eric Wagner and TROUBLE bassist Ron Holzner, THE SKULL are giving Trouble a run for their money with their current Tee Pee Records / Plastic Head release For Those Which Are Asleep.  Metal Kaoz put it on the table when they wrote, "For Those Which Are Asleep feels like an unabashed slice of old-school doom, swinging and trudging in all the right ways." THE SKULL's show includes original The Skull material, as well as ...
» Worshipper (Heavy Rock)

Creeping up from the North, Boston’s WORSHIPPER is a dark new voice in heavy music. Drawing comparisons to such luminaries as Dio-era Black Sabbath, UFO, and classic-era Scorpions, WORSHIPPER create something new and epic from the echoes of the past. Through their unique mix of contemporary and classic influences, WORSHIPPER prove that the soul of melodic heavy music still burns brightly.

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