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SATURDAY 09.03.2019 :: 
Brussels, 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th March 2019 ::
 Black Metal
Darkspace (CH) + Volahn (US) + Possession + Pseudogod (RU) + Ritual Death (NO) + Urfaust (NL) + Mongolito

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 » Darkspace (CH)  (Black Metal / Ambient)
 » Volahn (US)  (Black Metal)
 » Possession   (Black Metal / Death)

Black/Death Metal Entity from Belgium, Ad Majorem Sathanae Gloriam ... 

 » Pseudogod (RU)  (Black Metal)

Black metal from Russia. Started by members of Groth (Rus).

The unholy alliance PSEUDOGOD was created at decline accursed 2004 a.v. on the splinters of moldered temples. The First Killz “Illusion Of Salvation” were recorded at the end 2005 a.b and is released in 2006 on Satanic Propaganda Records. At the end of 2008 a.b. split with polish band BLAZE OF PERDITION was released through Nachtgnozis / Putrid Prophet Prod. and called “In The Void And Serpent The Spirit Is One”.

We’re here to proclaim the name of the True God!

 » Ritual Death (NO)  (Black Metal)
 » Urfaust (NL) 

Urfaust is an occult audial vessel of madness that was invoked in 1999. Over the years Urfaust have recorded different releases and rituals on vinyl, tape and cd.

Urfaust is signed to Ván Records (Germany) and all merchandise, vinyl and cd's should be ordered there...

Urfaust released the new album "Der freiwillige Bettler" on Ván Records on the 25th of November 2010...

 » Mongolito   (Experimental / Dark Ambient)

Dark ambient solo project of Brussels-based guitarist Marc De Backer. His music is dark and hypnotic, and made using mainly a guitar and several layers of sound effects and distortions - all coming together to create a strange and disturbing atmosphere.

 + OPENING HOUR : 16:00
 + ORGANIZERS : A Thousand Lost Civilizations: web
    » 23:10  Darkspace
    » 22:00  Volahn
    » 20:55  Possession
    » 19:50  Pseudogod
    » 18:55  Ritual Death
    » 17:50  Urfaust
    » 17:00  Mongolito
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