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MONDAY 08.10.2018 :: 
Buildings (US) + Adolina + Grand Blue Heron


!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

 » Buildings (US)  (Noise Rock / Punk)
Formed in 2006, BUILDINGS is a three piece from Minneapolis. Their music is loud, aggressive, and dynamic. Melt Cry Sleep was the band’s 2nd full-length, and the follow up to 2008’s self-released Braille Animal(recently reissued on doubleplusgood). Engineer, Jacques Waite (off with their heads, motion city soundtrack) and mastering engineer Bob Weston (shellac) perfectly reigned in the band’s furious energy, allowing room for the 10 tightly wound tracks on Melt Cry Sleep to breathe in contrast to their raw & visceral live sets. 
Now the band will release its highly anticipated 3rd LP You Are Not One Of Usrecorded in world famous Pachyderm Studios. Engineered by Nick Tveitbakk and mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recordings, these 11 tracks show Buildings maturing into a band that can not only produce gut wrenching noise, but at the same time blur the lines that divide many rock sub-genres – punk, noise rock, post hardcore – and end up with a sound that is dynamic, raw, and absolutely massive. Nothing is held back in terms of energy and aggression, but it’s executed in a way that is entirely organic. Something that you can bang your head and sing along to.
You Are Not One Of Us will be presented on vinyl by Antena Krzyku in Europe and Gilead Media in the USA. 
 » Adolina   (Math Rock / Indie / Noise)

Since 1998, through evolution, line-up changes, Adolina tries to work the chaos around them and the one they generate themselves. Between noise, post-punk, indie-pop, metal crossfires, Adolina tries to come out with only one urge : fight nevermind the styles and labels thrown at their face. After 2 EP’s, Adolina has released in 2009 their first album : Domovoï. Not satisfied by this first try which is only the reflection of the instability of the previous years, the quartet go back to work and record what will become Caldeira, the second album. At instigation of Steph (A tant rêver du roi), the band will release the stuff on vinyl and they’ll looking for partnership to help out : Whosbrain (Luxembourg) and Uproar for veneration (Lille)… Now it’s time to face their field : the stage…

ADOLINA "Mind Curfew" from A Tant Rêver Du Roi on Vimeo.

 » Grand Blue Heron   (Indie Rock)

Rhythm section of former K-Town band Hitch regroups with Pedro Demeulenaere and Arthur Verschaeve. Grand Blue mixes up their own memories of independent 90ies music with whatever 70ies bluesstyled rock Paul can manage to get in :).

    » Presales - Préventes - Utick
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