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Andy Moor & Anne-james Chaton (FR/NL) + Jesus is my Son + Quasi Una Fantasia
 » Andy Moor & Anne-james Chaton (FR/NL)  (Experimental Rock)
‘Heretics’ is a series of portraits of radical figures found throughout the history of
schismatic thinking.
Heretical figures such as Caravaggio, Stanley Kubrick, Bernard Heidseck, Jose Mujica,
Marquis de Sade and Johnny Rotten are presented here in the form of poetic texts
and combined with catchy melodies and experimental noise.
Anne-James Chaton and Andy Moor’s more than a decade long collaboration becomes
an exciting multi media event with music, poetry and projections of both photos and
films relating to the subjects they deal with . They researched and created the
material for Heretics during a residency in the French port of St Nazaire, in July 2014.
They use voice, guitars and electronics, to collaboratively explore their ideas and cowrite
texts and music.
Chaton’s powerful delivery and hypnotic style holds it’s own amidst Andy Moor’s
guitar building a rich wall of sound, melody and noise around him. Shaped by jagged
distorted guitars and penetrating chords, the duos combination of guitar and poetry
evokes a new genre
 » Jesus is my Son   (Ambient / Experimental)
Jesus is my son has re-recorded the 4-titles ‘Sacrifices Odieux’. 6 extra tracks were also recorded. The album was released in March on FF HHH & Cheap Satanism Records. (100 cassettes & digitals). A second album has been recorded this summer: SOLAH #2. The album will be released in a near future on the label ini.itu.
Some other albums are in the pipeline. One should be recorded before end 2015. This album will be the first album with some improvisation parts between the classical Jesus is my son sound and the German band Popol-Vuh.
Jesus is my son is the solo project of Grégory Duby. The project is a listening of string vibrations, the music is melancholic with space to escape. A pure moment of inner contemplation.
Grégory Duby is a guitarist from Brussels (BE) active in the field of rock and improvised music. Besides his project Jesus is my son, he plays in the loud band Zoho and previously in the trio K-branding. He records albums of improvised and noise music. He creates the label FF HHH and is one of the mainstays of Mandaï Distribution.
With Jesus is my son, Grégory wants to approach the idea of immortality, to render each moment eternal. Thanks to this slowness or pattern repetitions, the time stretches itself and eternity may rush into these free spaces. The first release of Jesus is my son is the 4-title ‘Sacrifice Odieux’. The music of this EP is hot, suffocating, slow and desertic. April 2010, the album ‘Je suis Dieux’ is issued. With this second release, Jesus is my son’s music becomes more mystic, more aggressive, more distorded. The sound and the themes are close to Olivier Messiaen’s church organ music.
In February 2012, the second full album named ‘1914-1918’ is released. The subject of the album is the great war. This album is not about battles or politics. The scope of the album is outside the action. It relates the lifes of the soldiers between battles, the survival in the trenches, the fear to disappear. It tells also about decimated families, about the long silences before the fights. With this album the war is told through its non-events and gives it its real dramatic meaning.
In March 2015 and 9 years after the first EP: ‘Sacrifices Odieux’. the album is re-recorded and 6 extra tracks are added. The new songs were composed during the years following the 4-titles. Some tracks were finalized quite quick, some others were re-worked from time to time until now. This release as the 4-titles is an album of contemplation. An heavy, minimal and sweet album.
Jesus is son was invited by the American band Codeine to open there shows in Belgium and in the Netherlands. Jesus is my son has also played with Stephen O’malley, Extra Life, Josef van Wissem, Cian Nugent, Neokarma Jooklo Trio, Carla Bozulich, Amen Dunes, Steve Gunn, …
Sacrifices Odieux revisited (Full album Cassette / 2015 / FF HHH & Cheap Satanism records)
1914-1918 (Full album CD / 2012 / FF HHH)
Je suis Dieu (Full album CD-R / 2010 / FF HHH)
Sacrifices Odieux (4-Title CD-R / 2006 / FF HHH)
 » Quasi Una Fantasia   (Improvisation / Minimal)

QUASI UNA FANTASIA is a duo including La Diva Christina and Pierre-Jean Vranken influenced by the minimalism and by composers such as Feldman and Cage

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 + OPENING HOUR : 20:00
 + ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4: web
    » 23:00  Andy Moor & Anne-james Chaton
    » 22:00  Jesus is my Son
    » 21:00  Quasi Una Fantasia
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