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Helms Alee (US) + Down the lees Sludge / Post Hard Core
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 + ENTRANCE : 10€ 
 + OPENING HOUR : 20:00 
 + ORGANISOR: Magasin 4 

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    » 21:00 Down the lees
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HELMS ALEE (US) (Sludge / Post Metal)
DOWN THE LEES (BE) (Indie Rock / Slowcore)
Down the Lees is based in Ghent, Belgium featuring Canadian Laura Lee Schultz on vocals and guitar, with Belgians Jonathan Frederix (HEISA) on drums and Kwinten Gluehorse (OLAF) on bass.   Down the Lees has followed an eclectic musical path with engaging and dynamic soundscapes inspired by genres such as post-rock, shoegaze, hardcore, slowcore, and no-wave - often echoing the work of artists such as Slint, Chelsea Wolfe, Sonic Youth, Cloud Nothings and Low. Sept 13th, 2019 sees the release of a new studio album, recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago. This is a raw album, stripped down to showcase the live, emotional vibe of the power trio.