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THURSDAY 17.11.2022
Kilter (US) + Unik Ubik (BE/FR) + 6Exhance Math Rock / Avant Garde / Free / Jazz
!!! CURFEW 10 PM !!!
!!! Event Cash Only !!!
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 + PRESALE : 8€ 
 + ENTRANCE : 8€ 
 + OPENING HOUR : 19:00 

 + Kilter
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 + Unik Ubik
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 + 6Exhance
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KILTER (US) (Metal / Jazz / Avant Garde)
Kilter is an instrumental metal-jazz trio inspired by the unrelenting hustle and grind of New York City. Founder and bassist Laurent David (Alter-Nativ) teamed up with drummer Kenny Grohowski (Imperial Triumphant, John Zorn) and saxophonist Ed Rosenberg III (Jerseyband, Heart of Barf) to create a daring and spontaneous work of avantgarde metal
UNIK UBIK (BE/FR) (Experimental / Free / Jazz)
UNIK UBIK is a fourtet from Tournai/Lille. Including members of Adolina (Tom), Koffeee(Cheb), Louis minus XVI (Djibi) ,Maria Goretti quartet (Tom)& Kermesz à l'est (Max)
6EXHANCE (BE) (Free / Jazz / Math Rock / Metal)
6exhance= Very math metal vs free jazz + Jazz free vs metal math very= 0   An overdrived guitar with a two headed sound, sometimes epic, always badly broken, A screaming sax with epileptic delusions from beyond the grave finely spasmodic, A jachammer drums with an offbeat groove upside down walrus shape : 6exhance. Founded in Belgium somewhere between The Hainaut and Anvers, the band was born from the recent encounter (july 2022) of 3 musicians who have scoured underground scenes for years. With bands like Raxinasky, Wound Collector, Royal Jake, they have played all over Europe alongside Melt Banana, Zu, KK Null, Caspar Brötzmann, Zenigeva, Noxagt, Flat Earth society, Killer, Balkan orchestras... 6exhance recorded it's first album at the Blackout Studio in Brussel, end of april 2022. Album mixing : Edgar Kendrick Album mastering : Alan Douches Videos work : Raphael Kolacz"