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Bienvenue sur le site du Magasin 4
Welcome to the Magasin 4 website

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Magasin 4, 51 B avenue du port, 1000 Bruxelles.


20 Years of Magasin4 – 20 ans de Magasin4

En 2014, le Magasin4 fête ses 20 ans ! De 1994 à 2014, ce sont plus de 3300 groupes différents qui se sont produits en nos murs situés tout d'abord 4, Rue du Magasin et ensuite 51B, Avenue du port.
C'est une aventure humaine et artistique de plusieurs vies !
Tout aurait été impossible sans les nombreux bénévoles, les nombreux groupes, les nombreux organisateurs ainsi que tous ceux qui ont contribué de loin ou de près à la vie de ce lieu à l'atmosphère unique.
Pour bien souffler les bougies, nous préparons un mois de festivité en septembre 2014. Nous y inviterons des groupes qui ont compté pour l'équipe lors de ces deux décennies !
Cependant, pour ne pas limiter cette fête à un seul mois, plusieurs concerts entreront dans nos '20 Years of Magasin4'. Ces concerts convieront des groupes qui sont proches du lieu artistiquement et humainement (OvO, Suma, etc....)
20 ans, c'est beaucoup et à la fois peu. En effet, malgré la longévité du lieu et sa reconnaissance dans le temps, l'avenir s'inscrit toujours en pointillé du côté de l'Avenue du Port. Les mutations urbaines bruxelloises ne nous permettent pas d'entrevoir un avenir à long terme. L'équipe bénévole du Magasin4 désire vous accueillir pour ses 20 ans et plus longtemps encore !
Merci à toutes et à tous de votre soutien dans le passé et à l'avenir et place à la fête !

In 2014, the Magasin4 celebrates its 20th birthday! From 1994 to 2014, more 3300 different bands have played in our club, firstly located at the 4, Rue du Magasin and then at the 51B, Avenue du port.
It is a human and artistic adventure of many lifetimes! Nothing would have been possible without the volunteers, the band, the promoters and all the people who have contributed to the venue's life.
To properly blow out the candles, we prepare a month of celebration in September 2014. We will invite bands who counted for the team during the past two decades! However, we will not limit this party to one month; other gigs will be part of the '20 Years of Magasin4' series. Those gigs will invite band that are close to the venue, artistically and humanly. (OvO, Suma, etc....)
Having 20 years does not mean that you will live long. Indeed, despite the longevity of the place and its recognition, the future of the venue is still unclear. The urban changes in Brussels do not allow us to to foresee a long-term future at the 51 Avenue du Port. The volunteer team of theMagasin4 wants to welcome you for its 20th birthday but for a much longer time than that!
Thanks everybody for your support in the past and in the future. Let the party Begin !




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Drums Are For Parades
TUESDAY 30.09.2014 :: 
20 YEARS OF MAGASIN4 Sludge / Noise Rock
Drums Are For Parades + KEN mode (CAN) + HARK (UK) + 30,000 Monkies
Sludge / Noise Rock
» Drums Are For Parades (Noise Rock / Sludge)
Or so they say…we’re not sure that when the name was coined it was meant to be literal. In fact, truth be told, we don’t even know where the name came from. Because like nearly everything else about DAFP – the answers to any questions just seem to lead to more questions…   What we do know to be fact. There are three of them. Sometimes four. The fourth “member” isn’t a member, but another drummer. We know they were formed in Gent, Belgium sometime between 2006 and 2007. They recorded both ...
» KEN mode (Noise / Metal)
KEN mode is a Juno award winning noise rock influenced metallic hardcore band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada that was formed in Sept, 1999.   Formed in 1999 by Royal Conservatory of Music trained musicians Jesse Matthewson, Shane Matthewson, CA, and long-time friend Darryl Laxdal (bass), the group released several demos from 1999 to 2003, leading to the release of their debut full length Mongrel on Escape Artist Records.    Several tours followed with the likes of Relapse Records’ ...
» HARK (Stoner Rock / Sludge / Rock)
Angular riffing, pounding rhythms, and dually melodic and his unrelentingly ferocious vocals lead to galloping passages that show the maturity of a band far more honed than expected from a debut. The Welsh did not leave any detail to chance, but carefully crafted music, lyrics and visuals into an all encompassing concept. This diligence includes having their first full-length mixed by Kurt Ballou of Converge fame, who added a powerful yet crystal clear production to HARK‘s unique sound.   The ...
» 30,000 Monkies (Noise Rock)

30,000 Monkies produces riff-oriented rock music riddled with nonsensical lyrics and sludgy guitars, occasionally interrupted by a shred of noise. Their music is inspired by Melvins, Harvey Milk and Sleep as much as by less heavy bands like Flaming Lips and Liars. In 2011 they released their psychedelic firstling, ‘Womb Eater Wife Beater’. Today they display a more direct sound on their forthcoming second EP, ‘Somewhere Over The Painbow’. In 24 minutes, they blend some musical styles combining ...

 MORE ++   
 + WEDNESDAY 01.10.2014
Hammerhead (US) + Deer + Viva Cats!
 + FRIDAY 03.10.2014
20 YEARS OF MAGASIN4 Hip Hop Electro / Drum'n'bass / Dub
X Makeena - REFORMATION EXCLUSIVE !!!! (FR) + Glu + Bishop Dust + Braindrops + Audio Pirate ( Labo Session)
 + SUNDAY 05.10.2014
Plus Instruments / Truus de Groot (US) + Insultor (DEU)
 + THURSDAY 09.10.2014
20 YEARS OF MAGASIN4 Jazz core / No Wave / Noise Rock / Alternative / Other
Zs (US) + Qui (US) + Le Death to Mankind (FR)
 + SATURDAY 11.10.2014
ANOTHER WAVE FESTIVAL New Wave / cold wave
Kas Product (FR) + The KVB (UK) + Schwefelgelb (DEU) + Guerre Froide (FR) + m!r!m (UK)
 + SUNDAY 12.10.2014
20 YEARS OF MAGASIN4 Drone / Dark Ambient / Doom Metal
Wolvserpent (US) + Jenny Torse + Sum of R (SZ)
 + MONDAY 13.10.2014
20 YEARS OF MAGASIN4 Sludge / Noise Rock / Metal
Arabrot (NOR) + Rabbits (US) + El Yunque
 + TUESDAY 14.10.2014
20 YEARS OF MAGASIN4 - JAPANESE NEW MUSIC FESTIVAL Other / Japanese / Experimental / Psychedelic Rock
Ruins Alone (JAP) + Tsuyama Atsushi solo (JAP) + Kawabata Makoto solo (JAP) + Zoffy (JAP) + Akaten (JAP) + Zubi Zuva X (JAP) + Psyche Bugyo (Tsuyama's psychedelic judgement) (JAP) + Acid Mothers Temple SWR (JAP)
 + THURSDAY 16.10.2014
20 YEARS OF MAGASIN4 Grindcore / Noise
Brutal Blues (NOR) + Dead Instrument (DNK) + VVOVNDS + Dogmatist (DNK)
 + SATURDAY 18.10.2014
 Black Metal
Nifelheim (SWE) + Vulcano (BRA) + War-Head (HR)
 + WEDNESDAY 22.10.2014
20 YEARS OF MAGASIN4 Noise Rock / Grindcore / Jazz core / Experimental
Child Abuse (US) + Albatre (PT/DEU/NL) + ANAL+
 + FRIDAY 24.10.2014
Dagoba (FR) + Trepalium (FR) + Deep In Hate (FR)