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   »»»updated 25/11 16:22 NEW ARTIST :: SATURDAY 14.05.2016 :: Qui (US) + Petula Clarck + Shnok
   »»»updated 23/11 15:59 NEW ARTIST :: SATURDAY 05.03.2016 :: Lydia Lunch / Retrovirus (US) + Crowd of Chairs
   »»»updated 22/11 18:10 NEW ARTIST :: SUNDAY 03.04.2016 :: Arrows of Love (UK) + Slovenians
   »»»updated 22/11 02:42 NEW ARTIST :: THURSDAY 14.04.2016 :: Blind Idiot God (US) + HYPOCHRISTMUTREEFUZZ
   »»»updated 22/11 02:39 NEW EVENT :: SUNDAY 27.03.2016 :: Gorguts (CAN) + Psycroptic (AUS) + Dysrhythmia (U...
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THURSDAY 03.12.2015 :: 

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!!


Contact: thousandlostcivilizations@gmail.com

Urfaust (NL) + Clandestine Blaze (FIN) + Mgla (POL) + Negative Plane (US) + Pseudogod (RUS)
Black Metal
» Urfaust

Urfaust is an occult audial vessel of madness that was invoked in 1999. Over the years Urfaust have recorded different releases and rituals on vinyl, tape and cd.

Urfaust is signed to Ván Records (Germany) and all merchandise, vinyl and cd's should be ordered there...

Urfaust released the new album "Der freiwillige Bettler" on Ván Records on the 25th of November 2010...

» Clandestine Blaze (Black Metal)
Clandestine Blaze is a one-man black metal band formed by Mikko Aspa in Lahti, Finland in 1998. Aspa cites Darkthrone, Burzum, Beherit and Bathory as key influences. Aspa is also currently involved in many other projects, such as Stabat Mater, Creamface, Fleshpress, AM, Grunt, Clinic of Torture, Alchemy of the 20th Century and Nicole 12.   Aspa is also the owner of Northern Heritage, a record label that has released albums by Baptism, Behexen, Deathspell Omega, Drudkh, Hate Forest, Ildjarn ...
» Mgla (Black Metal)

Mgła, meaning “fog” in Polish, is an underground black metal band hailing from Kraków, Poland.
The band formed in 2000 as a side-project of Kriegsmaschine’s member M. Their line-up owes to members of other prominent Polish bands, such as Kriegsmaschine, Massemord (not to be confused with the Norwegian Massemord) and Crionics. Their lyrics deal with theistic satanism (from Theism: the belief in the existence of one or more divinities) and self-destruction. The first full-length titled Groza was ...

» Negative Plane (Black Metal)

Black metal band born in 2001 from Gainesville, Florida. Their first full-length album, Et In Saecula Saeculorum, was released in 2006 by Ajna Offensive on CD. In 2007, the vinyl version, a 2xLP of the album appeared as well as a second pressing of the CD. Both the vinyl and CD re-press have a completely different mix from the first pressing CD. This album was preceded by the "Surreality" EP demo in 2002 and a "Promotional Cassette" in 2004.

» Pseudogod (Black Metal)

Black metal from Russia. Started by members of Groth (Rus).

The unholy alliance PSEUDOGOD was created at decline accursed 2004 a.v. on the splinters of moldered temples. The First Killz “Illusion Of Salvation” were recorded at the end 2005 a.b and is released in 2006 on Satanic Propaganda Records. At the end of 2008 a.b. split with polish band BLAZE OF PERDITION was released through Nachtgnozis / Putrid Prophet Prod. and called “In The Void And Serpent The Spirit Is One”.

We’re here ...

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 + FRIDAY 04.12.2015
Mare (NOR) + Blasphemy (CAN) + Archgoat (FIN) + Nyogthaeblisz (US) + Nightbringer (US) + Bölzer (CHE)
 + SATURDAY 05.12.2015
Perturbator (FR) + Dark Sonority feat. Kaosritual songs (NOR) + The Ruins Of Beverast (DEU) + Lvcifyre (UK) + Aosoth (FR) + Sinmara (NOR)
 + FRIDAY 11.12.2015
ACTIVE BRUSSELS PRESENT Electro Dub / Industrial Noise / Chanson Française / Rock and Roll
Pneumatic Head Compressor + Volt Selector + Houya One + The B∀NKSTERS
 + THURSDAY 17.12.2015
 Jazz Grind / Avant-Garde
Mombu (IT) + Petrifier (BE/NL) + ANAL+
 + FRIDAY 18.12.2015
 Noisecore / Sludge / Metal
Today is The Day (US) + SardoniS
 + SATURDAY 19.12.2015
René Binamé + Two Pin Din (NL) + Komplikations (BE/DEU) + Petra Pied de Biche (FR)
 + WEDNESDAY 30.12.2015
LOUD EVENING Sludge / Doom Metal
Monarch! (FR) + Birushanah (JPN) + Orna
 + WEDNESDAY 13.01.2016
 Drone Noise / Ambient / Black Metal / Experimental
Locrian (US) + Jason VAN GULICK + Bear Bones, Lay Low
 + SATURDAY 16.01.2016
 Noise Rock / Alternative / Jazz core
Zeus! (IT) + Vandal X + Polar Polar Polar Polar (FR)
 + THURSDAY 21.01.2016
 Punk Rock
Uk Subs (UK) + TV Smith (UK) + The Dyson's
 + FRIDAY 29.01.2016
 Punk / Rock and Roll
Bollock Brothers (UK) + Nervous Shakes
 + SATURDAY 30.01.2016
 Grindcore / Hardcore Punk
Venomous Concept (UK/US) + Vorax Virosus + Mucus