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Bienvenue sur le site du Magasin 4
Welcome to the Magasin 4 website

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Magasin 4, 51 B avenue du port, 1000 Bruxelles.


20 Years of Magasin4 – 20 ans de Magasin4

En 2014, le Magasin4 fête ses 20 ans ! De 1994 à 2014, ce sont plus de 3300 groupes qui se sont produits en nos murs situés tout d'abord 4, Rue du Magasin et ensuite 51B, Avenue du port.
C'est une aventure humaine et artistique de plusieurs vies !
Tout aurait été impossible sans les nombreux bénévoles, les nombreux groupes, les nombreux organisateurs ainsi que tous ceux qui ont contribué de loin ou de près à la vie de ce lieu à l'atmosphère unique.
Pour bien souffler les bougies, nous préparons un mois de festivité en septembre 2014. Nous y inviterons des groupes qui ont compté pour l'équipe lors de ces deux décennies !
Cependant, pour ne pas limiter cette fête à un seul mois, plusieurs concerts entreront dans nos '20 Years of Magasin4'. Ces concerts convieront des groupes qui sont proches du lieu artistiquement et humainement (OvO, Suma, etc....)
20 ans, c'est beaucoup et à la fois peu. En effet, malgré la longévité du lieu et sa reconnaissance dans le temps, l'avenir s'inscrit toujours en pointillé du côté de l'Avenue du Port. Les mutations urbaines bruxelloises ne nous permettent pas d'entrevoir un avenir à long terme. L'équipe bénévole du Magasin4 désire vous accueillir pour ses 20 ans et plus longtemps encore !
Merci à toutes et à tous de votre soutien dans le passé et à l'avenir et place à la fête !

In 2014, the Magasin4 celebrates its 20th birthday! From 1994 to 2014, more 3300 bands have played in our club, firstly located at the 4, Rue du Magasin and then at the 51B, Avenue du port.
It is a human and artistic adventure of many lifetimes! Nothing would have been possible without the volunteers, the band, the promoters and all the people who have contributed to the venue's life.
To properly blow out the candles, we prepare a month of celebration in September 2014. We will invite bands who counted for the team during the past two decades! However, we will not limit this party to one month; other gigs will be part of the '20 Years of Magasin4' series. Those gigs will invite band that are close to the venue, artistically and humanly. (OvO, Suma, etc....)
Having 20 years does not mean that you will live long. Indeed, despite the longevity of the place and its recognition, the future of the venue is still unclear. The urban changes in Brussels do not allow us to to foresee a long-term future at the 51 Avenue du Port. The volunteer team of theMagasin4 wants to welcome you for its 20th birthday but for a much longer time than that!
Thanks everybody for your support in the past and in the future. Let the party Begin !




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   »»»updated 31/07 15:12 NEW ARTIST :: THURSDAY 20.11.2014 :: The Mahones (CAN) + Orkka (IRL)
   »»»updated 31/07 15:08 NEW EVENT :: THURSDAY 20.11.2014 :: The Mahones (CAN) + Orkka (IRL)
   »»»updated 24/07 14:45 NEW ARTIST :: SATURDAY 30.08.2014 :: 20 YEARS OF MAGASIN4 :: The Ex (NL) + L'enfan...
   »»»updated 23/07 15:40 NEW ARTIST :: FRIDAY 24.10.2014 :: Dagoba (FR) + Trepalium (FR) + Deep In Hate (FR)
   »»»updated 23/07 15:37 NEW EVENT :: FRIDAY 24.10.2014 :: Dagoba (FR) + Trepalium (FR) + Deep In Hate (FR)
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SATURDAY 30.08.2014 :: 
20 YEARS OF MAGASIN4 Post punk / Noise Rock / Rock

Mandaï distribution will be our partner for that night ! They will be present at Magasin4 with their record stand !!!! 

Mandaï Distribution is a Non-profit association started in 2002. It works over Benelux as physical music distributors and working on promotion and booking for the past 12-years.
(Some)Labels distributed : Skin Graft, Wallace, Cuneiform, African Tape!, Horse Arm, Sub Rosa, Kythibong, Honest House, Terp Records, Cheap Satanism, Head,  Unsounds, Black Basset, ...
(A few) Bands distributed : Marvin, Robert Wyatt, The Ex, L'Enfance Rouge, Joy as a Toy, Peter Kernel, Jesus is My Son, Le Singe Blanc, Lean Left, [SIC], Poino, Mombu, Zu, Pneu, Acid Mothers Temple, ...
All infos at www.mandaï.be
The Ex (NL) + L'enfance Rouge (FR/IT) + Gâtechien (FR) + Vitas Guerulaitis (BE/FR) + Spagguetta Orghasmmond
Post punk / Noise Rock / Rock
» The Ex (Noise / Rock / Jazz / post-punk)
The Ex will play an exclusive show with appearance of Ken Vandermark   The adventurous, innovative Dutch band The Ex just celebrated its 33⅓ year anniversary with a series of festivals. Not merely retrospective but primarily forward-looking and adventurous. Among the many guests invited were young as well as seasoned experimental, improvising and other exciting musicians from Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Chicago, Ethiopia, Scandinavia and Great Britain. The Ex have defied categorization ...
» L'enfance Rouge (Avant Rock / Noise Rock)
THE RED CHILDHOOD. More than 2000 concerts from 1995, from Vilnius to Tbilissi, from Swinoujscie to Sevilla as from Prague to Tunis, invited by international festivals, theatres and clubs. Electricity. Blue lights. Still uncontrolled.   Avant-rock. Without boundaries, neither musical nor geographical. The European press talks about them as crossroads between introversion and acceleration, between cerebralism and wildness or barbarity. Unpredictables.    SOME CONCERTS : Montreux ...
» Gâtechien (post-punk / Experimental / Hardcore Pop)

Duo basse-batterie à la discographie déjà prolifique –deux EP, deux Live, un album-, GATECHIEN décroche la timbale en s’attachant les services de TED NICELEY, producteur de Fugazi, Jawbox ou encore Noir Désir, pour enregistrer “4”, son deuxième effort studio à La Nef (Angoulême) en janvier 2008. Les 12 titres puissants, mélancoliques, mélodiques et rageurs sont mixés à New York City par Eli Janney -bassiste de Girls Against Boys-, séduit par l’univers du groupe. Les 2 énergumènes se rencontrent ...

» Vitas Guerulaitis (Dada / Zouk / Other)

Vitas Guerulaïtis comprises three french activists who sought refuge in Brussels. One may wonder what brought the trio together as their drummer (David Costenaro) is an image editor who loves monoskiing and worships Jim Thompson, their keyboard player (Célia Jankowski) specialises in performance and studies the behaviour of flies, and their guitar player (Ismaël Colombani) is a mystical violin player who gives lectures once in a while.

Their debut album has been released on Cheap Satanism ...

» Spagguetta Orghasmmond (Italian Love Songs / Zouk / Other / Farandoles)
A two piece combo,  including the unbeliebable king of magic, the king of the beach…. Udini; the other is nobody else than maybe the most gifted organ player of all the time…. Raymond Rhammond ! ! !! ! !! They began to spread their incredible experience in december 2012, a gift for Xmas, then perform unforgettable gigs in Belgium & in the usa! (Portland and Seattle) They will release their first 7inch this month of june.Co-released by Rockerill records, lovemazout, Dewane & hoovercraft… ...
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 + SUNDAY 31.08.2014
20 YEARS OF MAGASIN4 Other / Chanson / Punk / Happening
Jean-Louis Costes (FR) + Tat2NoisAct + La Pince (FR/BE) + Constitution Anale + Krakoukass + Coquins
 + WEDNESDAY 03.09.2014
20 YEARS OF MAGASIN4 Avant-Garde / Experimental / Electro Flamenco / Drone
Von Magnet (FR) + Avgrunden (NOR) + Mongolito
 + THURSDAY 04.09.2014
20 YEARS OF MAGASIN4 Noise Rock / Alternative
Dÿse (DEU) + Vandal X + Missiles of October
 + FRIDAY 05.09.2014
20 YEARS OF MAGASIN4 Indie / Post punk / Noise Rock / Electro / Math Rock
Marvin (FR) + Peter Kernel (SZ) + Le Singe Blanc (FR) + Joy as a Toy + Mambo
 + SATURDAY 06.09.2014
20 YEARS OF MAGASIN4 Dub / Electro
Zenzile (FR) + Volt Selector + Alchemik Babylon Beats
 + SUNDAY 07.09.2014
20 YEARS OF MAGASIN4 Grindcore / Death metal
Napalm Death (UK) + Visions Of War + Vorax Virosus + Mr Marcaille (FR)
 + WEDNESDAY 10.09.2014
Sham 69 (UK) + Contingent + Les Slugs
 + THURSDAY 11.09.2014
20 YEARS OF MAGASIN4 Afro Noise / Industrial Noise
Cut Hands (feat. William Bennett of Whitehouse) (UK) + Germanotta Youth (IT) + Ripit (BE/FR)
 + FRIDAY 12.09.2014
20 YEARS OF MAGASIN4 Industrial / Noise / Ambient / Experimental
Hint (FR) + Pneumatic Head Compressor + [P.U.T] + NAH (US)
 + SATURDAY 13.09.2014
Length Of Time + Es La Guerilla (FR) + Surge Of Fury + Crawlspace + Bloodshot + Outcast
 + SUNDAY 14.09.2014
20 YEARS OF MAGASIN4 Punk Rock / Alternatif
Tagada Jones (FR) + Corbillard (BE/FR) + Kaoz Noyze Volunteers + Flow (FR)
 + TUESDAY 16.09.2014
20 YEARS OF MAGASIN4 Atmospheric Black Metal / Hard Core
Krallice (US) + VVOVNDS