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   »»»updated 07/10 13:20 NEW ARTIST :: THURSDAY 26.11.2015 :: Zenzile - Ciné Concert - BERLIN (FR) + Life of a...
   »»»updated 05/10 14:01 NEW EVENT :: THURSDAY 26.11.2015 :: Zenzile - Ciné Concert - BERLIN (FR) + Life of a...
   »»»updated 02/10 12:02 NEW ARTIST :: SATURDAY 10.10.2015 :: KUISTAX FESTIVAL #2 :: Pneu (FR) + Don Vito (DEU) ...
   »»»updated 25/09 10:56 NEW ARTIST :: SATURDAY 19.12.2015 :: BOUM DE NOËL :: René Binamé + Two Pin Din (NL)...
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SATURDAY 10.10.2015 :: 
KUISTAX FESTIVAL #2 Math Rock / Indie / Alternative

Contact: Kuistax Booking

Préventes prix copain: 10€ Clôture Dimanche 20/09/2015 à MIDI!

Prévente prix classique: 12 euros Clôture le Vendredi 09/10/2015 à MIDI!

Sur place: 15€

Réservations: julien.duquesne.booking@gmail.com

Nom + Prénom + Nombre de réservations

Pneu (FR) + Don Vito (DEU) + La Jungle + Alek Et Les Japonaises + Seal Of Quality (FR) + Quadrupede (FR) + Rince-doigt + Bearfoot Beware (UK)
Math Rock / Indie / Alternative
» Pneu (Math Rock / Noise)

"Atypique". Oui: Pneu est atypique, car leur style est plus (attention) math rock noisy expérimental free jazz. Originaire de Tours, le duo JB (aux fûts et aux hurlements) et Jay (à la gratte), deux musiciens hors pairs, partageant parfois la scène avec Marvin, Electric Electric et Papier Tigre (ce qui fut l'objet d'un split), Pay Day, Charogne Stone, et collaborent également avec Kathoon, Norman Bambi et O.Lamm, pour une résidence de deux semaines, aboutant à un ciné concert exceptionnel ...

» Don Vito (Noise / Noise Rock / Other)

The band’s description of their music “hyper kinetic instrumental noise tohubohu” couldn’t be any more accurate. The moment Don Vito let a bit of chaos out of the sack all appendages within hearing distance begin to fidget hysterically. It is like being hit with the spray from a machine gun. Welcome the apocalypse of rock smiling at you from three lunatics who appear to thrash at their instruments more than to play them. But somehow they never loose continuity in this chaos of interwoven high ...

» La Jungle (Noise Rock)

Duo alternatif qui nous vient de Mons mélangeant noise, trance et rock. 

Leur premier opus sorti sur Dewane & Rockerill Records devrait rugir sous peu ...

» Alek Et Les Japonaises (Electro / Pop / Tropical)
Their fresh pop melodies are a mix of electro beats and Brazilian guitar sprinkled with Bollywood spices. The costumes of these acrobats make dream the greatest ice-skaters. That’s maybe why they are often called the Jean-Claude Van Damme of music, the Japanese Rita Mitsouko or the Belgian Jun Togawa.   Alek et Les Japonaises runs the alternative scenes as well as hair salons and sports halls. 
» Seal Of Quality (chiptune / 8-Bit)
» Quadrupede (Electronic / Instrumental / Rock)
» Rince-doigt (Math Rock / Post rock)

RINCE-DOIGT is a three-piece combo from Brussels. We play instrumental music inspired both by math-rock and post-rock.

» Bearfoot Beware (Alternative)

Bearfoot Beware are characterised as much by tough, tight playing as by their deliciously devious songwriting. Wall-of-sound energy, sly intelligence and subversive arrangements keep the musical surprises coming. What's not to like?

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 + SUNDAY 11.10.2015
 Electro Grind
Germanotta Youth (IT) + Deux Boules Vanille (FR) + Solar Skeletons
 + THURSDAY 15.10.2015
 Psychedelic punk ass rock and soul / Hobo Trash Grass Punk'n'roll
James Leg (US) + The Freeborn Brothers (POL)
 + SATURDAY 17.10.2015
 + SUNDAY 18.10.2015
 + THURSDAY 22.10.2015
Washington Dead Cats (FR) + The Zombie Crows
 + SATURDAY 24.10.2015
 Noise Rock
Pigs (US) + Sofy Major (FR) + Gerda (IT) + Mont-Doré
 + SUNDAY 25.10.2015
 Noise Rock / Sludge
Zeni Geva (JPN) + USA Nails (UK) + Angakok
 + SUNDAY 01.11.2015
 Doom / Sludge / Post Metal
Bell Witch (US) + Ortega (NL) + VVOVNDS
 + MONDAY 02.11.2015
 Blues / Experimental Rock
Hugo Race & The True Spirit (AUS) + Joe Speedboat
 + TUESDAY 03.11.2015
 Post rock / Spoken Word / Drone / Ambient
Enablers (US) + Nadja (CAN) + von Stroheim
 + THURSDAY 05.11.2015
 Rockabilly / Punk
Banane Metalik (FR) + Pipes And Pints (CZ/US)
 + FRIDAY 06.11.2015
 Rap / Hip Hop
Tsr Crew (FR) + Youssef (Swatt's) + K-otic