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Magasin 4, 51 B avenue du port, 1000 Bruxelles.

Some update about the Magasin4. 
We have some shows planned in the fall but we are not sure that they will take place.
We are totally aware that we might have to cancel the autumn program depending on the reopening conditions of the venues in Belgium.
But worse, at this moment, we still have to leave our current venue on the 5th January 2021. No direct relocation is planned.
With the help of the City, Region and Port of Brussels, we have a long term solution but no short term solution.
Most of the cancelled tours are already rescheduled for next year. The consequence is that we cannot reschedule any show in 2021 and that's a real pity.
The situation is complicated  !
Take care !
Quelques nouvelles du Magasin4
Nous avons quelques concerts prévus à la rentrée mais ne sommes pas certains qu'ils auront lieu.
Nous sommes conscients que nous devrions peut-être les annuler selon les conditions de réouverture des salles de concerts.
Mais le plus difficile pour l'instant, c'est la fin de notre contrat d'occupation du lieu actuel le 5 janvier 2021. Nous devons quitter la salle à cette date et aucun relogement direct n'est prévu.
Avec l'aide de la Ville, de la Région et du Port de Bruxelles, nous avons une solution à long terme mais pas de solution à court terme.
La plupart des tournées annulées sont déjà reprogrammées pour l'année prochaine. Nous ne pouvons reprogrammer aucun concert en 2021.
La situation est compliquée. 
Take care !
»»» updated 30/05 11:34 NEW ARTIST :: THURSDAY 15.10.2020 :: Louder than Death (CA/FR) + Crackups (BE)
»»» updated 27/05 09:15 CONFIRMED EVENT :: THURSDAY 15.10.2020 :: Louder than Death (CA/FR) + Crackups (BE)
»»» updated 27/05 09:15 NEW EVENT :: THURSDAY 15.10.2020 :: Louder than Death (CA/FR) + Crackups (BE)
»»» updated 04/05 15:54 NEW ARTIST :: SATURDAY 21.11.2020 :: 24-7 Spyz (US) + Smokebomb (BE)
»»» updated 04/05 12:22 NEW ARTIST :: FRIDAY 25.09.2020 :: Siglo XX (BE) + The Arch (BE)
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Psychic Graveyard (US) + Zeus! (IT) + Scraboutcha Noise Rock

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

» Psychic Graveyard  (Noise Rock)
Psychic Graveyard is a band from San Diego, California and Providence, Rhode Island.
» Zeus!  (Noise / Metal / Jazz Core)
ZEUS! is a "Made in Italy" drums + bass duo, born in october ’10. Utilized insrtuments: drums with full set of cymbals and pedals; full optional overdrived bass; dual pitch damaged vocals. Utilized tech: grinding the rock all and so on. ZEUS! aims at using the minimum in order to get the maximum and is: not metal, not punk, not math, not noise, not prog, absolutely not jazz-core, neither post-whatever. In case, a sum of micro compositions of these times, picassian and psychodelic, insofar as the peculiar melodies “liberate thought from social conventions superstructures”. For petardo lovers.   Luca Cavina (Calibro 35, Incident on South Street, Craxi) : distorted Bass and Vocals. Paolo Mongardi (Fuzz Orchestra, FulKanelli, ex-Jennifer Gentle, ex-Ronin) : distorted Drums.
» Scraboutcha  (Electro / Experimental)
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Space Rock / Experimental / Heavy Psych / Rock Garage
Radar Men From The Moon (NL) + The WRS (BE)
Sludge / Black Metal
Inter Arma (US) + Soul Grip (BE) + Sons of a wanted man (BE)
Psychedelic Rock / Stoner
Elder (US) + The Progerians (BE)
EBM / Industrial
Hocico (MX) + Mirexxx (BE) + Dreadfool (BE)
Psychedelic Rock / Space Rock
Ecstatic vision (US) + Fingerstöned (BE)
Post Punk / Cold Wave
Siglo XX (BE) + The Arch (BE)
Postrock / Indie / Drone
Big Brave (CA) + Baby Fire (BE)
Rock Garage / Punk Rock
Louder than Death (CA/FR) + Crackups (BE)
Death Metal
Degial (SE) + Concrete Winds (FI) + Cerebral Rot (US) + Galvanizer (FI)
Experimental / Post Rock
Fly Pan Am (CA) + Bààn (BE)
Experimental / Lo-Fi / Noise Rock
Old Time Relijun (US) + Secte (BE) + Quasi Una Fantasia (BE) + Guillaume Maupin (BE)
Funk metal / Crossover
24-7 Spyz (US) + Smokebomb (BE)
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