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 » MONDAY 19.03.2018 
MONDAY 19.03.2018 :: 

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

Gold (NL) + Necro Deathmort (UK) + Stonebride (HR)
Experimental / Industrial / Rock / Psychedelic
» Gold (Rock)
After the artistic success of 2015's No Image - which united journalists, musicians, music lovers and even a pro-wrestler in its appraisal - GOLD have made a triumphant return with 'Optimist'. Together with producer Randall Dunn (a.o. Sunn O))), Earth, Ash Borer, Marissa Nadler), GOLD have put their angular drive, their blackened guitar textures, and the composed yet vulnerable vocal delivery of Milena Eva in an even broader context. GOLD have created an almost unlimited space for their ...
» Necro Deathmort (Experimental / Industrial / Drone)

Ever prolific, Necro Deathmort have produced four albums in the last three years, and album number eight, Overland arrives imminently on 6th October via Profound Lore. The Quietus have shared an early stream of the warm, richly melodic, multidimensional album, which you can listen to below  

Progressing from last year's The Capsule, Overland presents itself as a different observation, more dynamic and layered than its ...

» Stonebride (Rock)

STONEBRIDE are the purveyors of their own philosophy, sound and dedication to music. Unwreckable live entity! Combining influences from everything they can but staying true to the original , addictive and interesting musical expression. STONEBRIDE nurtures heavier sound, alternative , psych amped vibes driven by trance feeling, prog moments with steering the wheel into desert, doom Rock and sludge teritories. Month long and short circuit tours, clubs, festivals, roaming the most of the European ...

 » MARCH 2018
 + THURSDAY 08.03.2018
 Death Metal / Black Metal
Profanatica (US) + Rites of thy degringolade (CA) + Auroch (CA)
 + THURSDAY 15.03.2018
 Psychedelic / Noise Rock / Drone / Experimental
Luminous Bodies (UK) + The Eye Of Time (FR)
 + FRIDAY 16.03.2018
 Death Metal / Grindcore
Cannabis Corpse (US) + HaïXkicK + Mista Limpio
 + MONDAY 19.03.2018
 Experimental / Industrial / Rock / Psychedelic
Gold (NL) + Necro Deathmort (UK) + Stonebride (HR)
 + FRIDAY 23.03.2018
Disorder (UK) + Slavery Farm (NL) + Raw Peace
 + SATURDAY 24.03.2018
 Noise Rock
Part Chimp (UK) + 30,000 Monkies + YOUFF
 + SUNDAY 25.03.2018
 Noise Rock / Post Punk
Hey Colossus (UK) + Grey Hairs (UK) + La Pince (FR/BE)
 + SATURDAY 31.03.2018
STELLAR SWAMP FESTIVAL Psychedelic / Festival / Post Punk / Noise Rock / Garage
Housewives (UK) + Action Beat (UK) + Kurws (PL) + The Psychotic Monks (FR) + Milk TV + House of John Player (UK)