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 » WEDNESDAY 03.04.2019 
WEDNESDAY 03.04.2019 :: 

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

Rotten Sound (FI) + Implore (DE) + HaïXkicK
Grindcore / Metal
» Rotten Sound (Grindcore / Death Metal)
  ROTTEN SOUND are back and angrier than ever. Grindcore is not for the faint of heart and these Finns do not subscribe to the idea of compromise. ‘Abuse to Suffer’ remains true to the band’s resilient roots, while not falling into the traps of chewing endlessly on an old formula gone stale or not daring to add an element of surprise when fitting the style. What sets ROTTEN SOUND apart from other protagonists in the field is an obvious intelligence that shows in their to-the-point songwriting, ...
» Implore (Grindcore / Crust / Death Metal)

A perfect encapsulation of old and new from a highly awesome newish gaggle of grindsters. A crushing mix of menacing doom laden slabs of Gothenburg, hades borne filth akin to a leisurely steel toe boot to the head, injected with a big dose of modern technicality to revive you. Aural brutality of surgical precision done perfectly by some mighty precise german crustaceans.

» HaïXkicK (Grindcore / Powerviolence)
ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4