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 » SUNDAY 07.04.2019 
SUNDAY 07.04.2019 :: 

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

Oozing Wound (US) + Ghold (UK) + Teras
Sludge Metal / Thrash Metal / Noise Rock
» Oozing Wound (Noisecore / Thrash)
Modernity is a bummer, and humanity’s drive towards its own destruction is at a fever pitch. Oozing Wound finds humor in our ridiculous habits and, by magnifying our most destructive behavior to its extreme end, allows us to laugh at the idiocy and the horror of it all. This mindset is at the center of their second full-length Earth Suck, a collection of destructive thrash that is seemingly teetering at the edge of control and collapse. Zack Weil’s guitar is reckless, his palm-muted chugs coming ...
» Ghold (Sludge / Doom)
From Leeds and Oxford originally, Al Wilson and Paul Antony formed GHOLD in 2012 in Brixton, London. The, then duo, wrote and rehearsed and wrote a total of three full records (Judas Goat, Galactic Hiss, Of Ruin) in a disused bathroom/toilet in their shared flat- amps stacked high in the bath, drums shells spread around the toilet bowl. They gained local notoriety and respect throughout the local underground noise and metal scene for their progressive approach to the gnarled weirdness that has ...
» Teras (Thrash Metal)

Téras is a four-piece band from the region around Brussels. They  bring modern thrash metal with death and black metal influences.

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