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 » SATURDAY 06.04.2019 
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Fixmer/McCarthy (UK/FR) + QUAL (UK) + Sydney Valette (FR) + Deleritas
EBM / Industrial / Minimal Wave
» Fixmer/McCarthy (EBM)
A project from Terence Fixmer and Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb). After many years of silence Douglas McCarthy, the legendary voice of Nitzer Ebb, is ready for a new electronic WAR ! ! He has joined forces with Terence Fixmer to create Fixmer /McCarthy - a new project that combines both their strengths… Terence in charge of the music, bringing his energised analogue sequences, Douglas in charge of the vocals, bringing his own unique energy and powerful voice. Terence Fixmer, a world renound ...
   Septic discharges of cybernetic disease seeps from every orifice. Welcoming a post apocalyptic nuclear winter. With terror and restless chaos cometh the digital age condemned to be digitally transformed. Cometh hybrids, mutated humans a depletion of organics. Dry woods and fire temples
Modular and mayhem a chant for death and all her joy. Rituals for renewal the infinity of pain and chaos to come. Mechanized doused into illusion the earth has long ended and humans are actually finished. Balance ...
» Sydney Valette (Minimal Wave)
« How many lives »… can one have within a single life? wonders Sydney Valette from the start of his 5th delivery. Here are the musings of a young soul that managed to stay around for over a decade somewhere between the electro-goth scene and warehouse raves. Somewhat surprised at his own longevity, Sydney sees a kind of musical continuum form as his output grows year by year, and adds yet another 8 tracks to it, fueled by the the same dynamics but within a slightly darker mindset.    A bipolar ...
» Deleritas (E.B.M.)
ENTRANCE : 20/25€
ORGANIZERS : Fantastique Nights