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THURSDAY 25.01.2018 :: 
Le Singe Blanc (FR) + Don Vito (DE) + The Mary Hart Attack

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

 » Le Singe Blanc (FR)  (Jazz Core / Noise / Alternative)
A drum that beats, heats and sizzles. Two bass guitars, ... storming bass guitars ! Ponctuated by splutters, gurgles and pure, unadulterated babble.
The occasional musical mine planted here and there and great clouds of laughing gas.
A saturday night with an endless supply of kung fu films and popcorn. Psychedelic wanderings and that elusive something that gets inside your head.
Sixties pop tripping out and waking up with an industrial hangover. They themselves call it regressive rock. They are the three wild beasts that are Le Singe Blanc.

Le Singe Blanc-Zgwuëg live au musiques volantes... par kdsb_2007
 » Don Vito (DE)  (Noise / Noise Rock / Other)

The band’s description of their music “hyper kinetic instrumental noise tohubohu” couldn’t be any more accurate. The moment Don Vito let a bit of chaos out of the sack all appendages within hearing distance begin to fidget hysterically. It is like being hit with the spray from a machine gun. Welcome the apocalypse of rock smiling at you from three lunatics who appear to thrash at their instruments more than to play them. But somehow they never loose continuity in this chaos of interwoven high speed-grooves.

I have tried in vain to count the number of different rhythms they hit you with in their minute-long songs. An indistinguishable mass of tact changes that keep in time despite wild anarchy. Just when you find yourself head-banging to some stomping beat and your ear plugs fall out of your ears (wait a minute… what ear plugs?) the drummer switches into some other thundering groove or blast beat all wrapped up in lightning and hail! It sends you flying and when you wake up, you are laying in a corner somewhere on the other side of the room.

Amongst the bedlam, there comes an occasional nanosecond break in the music, which they fill with screams, grunts, and shrieks. Before you know it 45 seconds have gone by and you find yourself panting for the next song.

These are three people who will never have to worry about being overweight. They give off so much energy and sweat it would be dangerous to have them play anywhere near the polar ice caps. This band IS a weapon!

It is clearly evident that they cannot possibly play 3-hour concerts at such a high level of energy. But it is always sad when the concert ends. It leaves you wanting more, more, and more! Not to fear however, the band is touring extensively and you will certainly be able to catch them in your area soon. Let the tohubohu perforate your brain!

Don Vito does not need to follow the rules; the rules have learned to follow Don Vito.
Remarkably, they are free from genre and categorization. They have delightfully blended post-puberty carelessness with just a touch of self-irony.

From now on, you will no longer have to think of that brainless wanker from Jackass when you hear the name Don Vito, but rather of that kick-ass band from the bowels of Germany.

 » The Mary Hart Attack   (Shoegaze / Noise Rock)
The Mary Hart Attack arose in 2013 from the recording of the credit roll track of the documentary ‘Cells’. After the studio recording the trio decided to continue working together. 
The band name refers to a psychological condition that 80's TV babe Mary Hart induces in susceptible viewers. TMHA is basically a modern day post-punk band with leanings towards shoegaze, indie and drone. 
'The Falling Sun' (April 2017) on Greedy Eyes is their first full album. It comes two years after the EP 'A Dark Green Light', which came on 'Oddie Records'. 
In April 2016 the band was victim of theft. Their rehearsal room got emptied completely. But now one year later they are completely back in business!
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 + ENTRANCE : 8€
 + OPENING HOUR : 19:00
 + ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4: web/email
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