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Crisis (UK) + De Brassers + Factice Factory (FR/CH)
 » Crisis (UK)  (Post Punk)

Crisis formed in 1977 with the lineup of Phrazer (vocals), Lester Jones (lead guitar), Douglas Pearce (guitar), Tony Wakeford (bass) and Insect Robin the Cleaner (drums).
Their debut single, "No Town Hall", was released in 1978 on Action Group Records.
On 1 November 1978, Crisis recorded four tracks at a Peel Session for BBC Radio 1,[2] with two of the tracks released as the "UK 79" 7" single in 1979 on the Ardkor label. The remaining two Peel Session songs were posthumously issued by Ardkor in 1981 as "Alienation".
In early 1979, the band underwent a major change in personnel when Phrazer and Insect Robin the Cleaner were replaced by Dexter (a longtime fan and roadie) and Luke Rendle. After performing their last show, supporting Magazine and Bauhaus in their hometown of Guildford in Surrey on 10 May 1980, the band broke up.[1] A recording of the final show was released in 2008 as the Ends! CD.
Now in 2017, 40 years on, Crisis have reformed.Line up includes founding member Tony Wakeford and ATV's Clive Giblin.

 » De Brassers   (Post Punk / Cold Wave)
De Brassers, from Hamont in Belgium, were embraced by many as icons of the punk movement in Belgium around 1980. Their music was a local mixture of the Sex Pistols (in the lowest gear), Joy Division and Cabaret Voltaire (because of the typical Korg MS20 sound). 
The doomed sound they produced tells a lot about the dark atmosphere of the late seventies and early eighties: the fear of atomic bombs, cold war pessimism, police violence against squatters, and the grim years of Reagan & Thatcher. 
The main artefact of the band is the single “En toen was er niets meer” (And then there was nothing more). The song in Dutch even made it to the renowned New Musical Express who described de brassers as “mean and moody modern chaps”. Other songtitles speak for themselves: Kontrole, Twijfels (Doubts), Living on the Edge, Sick in your Mind, Rise and Fall …
It all ended in 1982 because of drug issues and problems with the police and justice.
After sporadic reunion gigs throughout the years, de Brassers are a working unit again as of 1998. They played amongst other things at Pukkelpop festival and supported contemporaries as The Stranglers, Wire and Public Image Limited. 
 » Factice Factory (FR/CH)  (Post Punk / Cold Wave)

Factice Factory is a French and Swiss band and first of all the story of a longtime friendship between its members and common passion for cold, minimal and synthetic sounds. Its members include one of the original members of the band Rajna, Fabrice Lefebvre, the founder of the experimental project Thermafrost, Théotime Lefebvre and the songwritter François Ducarn. The project mainly finds its influences in the various movements of the early eighties such as Cold Wave, Minimal Wave or Post-Punk to quote just a few. Factice Factory is a free and openminded structure which does not seek to be catalogued into a particular musical niche but sees itself as an experimental sound laboratory. The bands work and evolution relies on the various musical influence of each of its members. Fabrice Lefebvre is well known for his musical curiosity and confirmed investment for the band Rajna for more than 17 years. His knowledge and know-how in terms of world music, etheral and neo-classic compositions are a reference on its own. Théotime loves to experiment and to mix various sound structures be it Ambient, Noisy-Rock, Drones or Post-Rock. He made himself known through his personnal project Thermafrost. François is a longtime follower of the so-called Post-Punk scene to which he has been attached for more than two decades. Always into gigs and fetivals with a true passion for photography and rock memorabilia his influences lie somewhere between Manchester and the german region of the Ruhr, where he grew up with the sounds of the German New Wave, the so-called Neue Deutsche Welle. Factice Factory is also a history of various travels both geographical and musical, a history of the heart, a tale of sharing and experimenting. In this regard the composition of songs in German, French and English was from the start quite obvious to each of the band members.

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