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MONDAY 15.04.2019 :: 
Fauna (US) + L'acephale (US) + Sercati

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

 » Fauna (US)  (Black Metal / Cascadian)

Pioneers of Cascadian Black Metal, Fauna's goal is to create all-encompassing transcendent experiences, tearing back the veil of modernity to reveal the roots of human cyclical consciousness.Their performances consist of lengthy sections of ritual performance, usually including invocations, candles, incense, audience interaction, and shamanic practices. Coupled with hypnotic black metal sonics and their obsessive attention to detail, which seeks to use every aspect of the performance environment toward their singular goal, the result is a journey to another world that has almost no resemblance to this disassociated age in which we dwell: atime out of time.For this tour, Fauna will be performing their 2012 release "Avifauna" in its entirety, roughly 70 minutes of work exploring the intimate connection between birds and the human spiritual path. Through folklore and folly, summoning and song, the story of the human yearning for liberation is physically marked upon the fabric of the eternal present.Toward this end, candles, incense and lighting are employed, and the group needs ample space to perform their workings, as well as a preparation area to assume their shamanic roles. Depending on the space, curtains and/or banners may be necessary to remove distracting visual cues that could compromise the spell of otherness that is sought.

 » L'acephale (US)  (Black Metal / Cascadian)

L’Acéphale formed in 2003 out of the compulsions of Set Sothis Nox La to push the boundaries of extreme music. Starting with a cassette 8 track and a deep passion for the writing of Georges Bataille. He formed a project not “about Bataille” but to channel a wide array of desires through the multifaceted lens of Bataille towards the full range of extreme and underground music.L’Acéphale is a recording project and intermittent live ensemble of co-conspirators seeking illumination through the exploration of the limits of Black Metal, Musique-Concrete and the sonic beyond. “Death, myself and the house suspended outside the world, in an empty part of space where the diaphanous smell of death intoxicates the senses, tears them and stretches them to the point of anguish...  My desire to vomit desire No hope, Death. The candle blown out.”-Georges Bataille

 » Sercati   (Metal)
 + ENTRANCE : 10€
 + OPENING HOUR : 19:00
    » 21:00  Fauna
    » 20:05  L'acephale
    » 19:05  Sercati
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