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SATURDAY 27.04.2019 :: 
Nuits du Beau Tas ::
Cartouche + Professeure Postérieur + Onmens + MaDaME SPeaKeR (UK) + Babils
 » Cartouche   (Electro Punk)
Fronted by the dynamic male duo of beatmaker Laurent M. and singer Muzah, Cartouche delivers an experimental electronic project who navigate between electropunk, noise and mutant hip-hop.   Born in january 2016 Laurent and Muzah began their journey as members of Baxter Lilly Band signed on Audiotrauma Label nearly a decade ago and have spent the years since around Switzerland, France and Belgium to finally planting roots in Bruxelles. Since then, they’ve met Mathieu DM and his tenacity in the most effective way.
 » Professeure Postérieur   (Aerobic Audio)
professeure d'aérobic sauvage et grotesque depuis 2014, presque Vu à la TV! anti wellness pro fête
 » Onmens   (Electronic Noise / Extreme Noise Rock)

Onmens seeks to strip its music down to the effective and direct. The duo combines an electronic nocturnal pulse with abrasive guitars and vocals to create a distinct style.

 » MaDaME SPeaKeR (UK)  (Rock)
"In MDME SPKR's "Humanoid" we are the witness to the birth of one of the great rock n'roll voices." Steven Hutchinson (UK) /// "Primitive and raw, there is a vitality to MDME SPKR's "Humanoid" that is missing in much of music today. It's a proper mental flossing that cleans your musical palate." Dave W. (White Hills) /// "Ego-destroying and powerful soul music in the true sense of the word" Demian Castellanos (The Oscillation) ///
 » Babils   (Psychedelic Rock / Experimental)

Rare sur scène, 13 concerts en 13 ans, Babils pratique régulièrement, à domicile,  son free rock bizarroïde teinté de krautrock et de new wave lors de longues sessions improvisées. Sur scène leur prestation est emballée par un light show de Gilles Peetermans. Leur 4ème album « Ji Ameeto »  est sorti il y a un an sur le mythique label Sub Rosa.

 + ENTRANCE : 8€
 + OPENING HOUR : 20:00
 + ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4: web
    » 00:00  Cartouche
    » 23:50  Professeure Postérieur
    » 22:50  Onmens
    » 21:50  MaDaME SPeaKeR
    » 20:45  Babils
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