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MONDAY 21.10.2019 :: 
25 YEARS OF M4 ::
 Sludge Metal / Doom Metal
Conan (UK) + UN (US) + Sixes (US)

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

 » Conan (UK)  (Doom / Sludge)
Conan  are  as  heavy  as  interplanetary  thunder  amplified  through  the  roaring  black  hole  anus  of  Azathoth.  Remember  that  sentence,  for  it  is  writ  large  in  virgin  blood  on  the  walls  of  the  forgotten  temple  of  Bol-Krastor,  deep  in  the  steaming  forests  of  forgotten  Lemuria.     Conan,  a  monumentally  brutal  three  piece  (in  the  grand  tradition  of  all  the  hallowed  three  pieces  through  time)  hold  a  sinew-tight  line  and  an  iron-grip  command  over  the  uber-synchronised  powerchord  changes  and  tempo-shifts  of  the  anti-holy  trio  of  bass,  drums  and  guitar.  Two  weary  yet  defiant  men  have  the  task  of  vocalising  wretched  thoughts  over  the  turgid  weight  of  Conan’s  metalized  bombast.  They  bear  it  well,  for  the  task  is  immense.     Hear  the  roar  of  battle.  Smell  the  stench  of  split  blood.  A  thousand  heads  piled  high  like  a  grim  mound  of  suffering  -  a  blasphemy  to  nature.  Hail Conan!
 » UN (US)  (Doom)
  UN is a doom metal band from Seattle, WA. UN received critical praise from across the heavy metal underground for their groundbreaking sophomore opus, “Sentiment” (released September 28, 2018 via Translation Loss Records). Praised by Decibel Magazine, Metal Injection, Revolver Magazine, Stereogum, and more, Sentiment earned widespread recognition and became 2018’s most sought after doom record.    Unafraid to reveal somber themes of tragedy, sorrow, and isolation, UN fueled each note of Sentiment with purpose, resulting in overwhelming waves of thunderously crushing doom and emotive sonic soundscapes. Blending soaring post-rock, shoe-gaze, and funeral doom, UN have carefully crafted monoliths that deeply explore the romance and poetry of fragile human existence making Sentiment one of the year’s most gripping and emotive doom records.    Originally formed in 2012, the quartet consisting of Monte McCleery on guitar and vocals, Clayton Wolf on bass, David Wright on guitar, and Alex Bytnar (joined in 2017) on drums, UN began to burst out of the underground with their debut full-length The Tomb of All Things (released December 4, 2015 on Black Bow Records). Touring significantly throughout the US with the likes of Hissing, Fister, Usnea, Badr Vogu, Withered, Oryx, Body Void, and more, UN became sought-after for their powerful and heart-wrenching performances.  UN have performed at 71Grind II, Midnight Communion IV, Northwest Terror Fest, Austin Terror Fest, and more. Grabbing attention from Translation Loss Records, UN released their landmark album Sentiment on September 28, 2018. UN will release the third pressing of Sentiment in late 2019. Following Sentiment, UN released a split LP (February 15, 2018, Translation Loss Records) with UK’s Coltsblood, again to critical acclaim.    Undeniably magnificent, UN are reaching far beyond the norms of their genre to create a unique and unforgettable sound. Weaving perfectly balanced, slow-burning mastery with exceptional musicality, UN have evolved to shape the future of not only doom, but heavy metal itself.
 » Sixes (US)  (Doom)
Sixes are a blackened doom/sludge band from Southern California. Active since 2016, the band performs an aggressively depressing sound heavily based in drug abuse and misery. They are known to elicit the statement of "Worship Amps Not Gods" as part of their ethos.   Sixes began sometime in 2016 with the intent of creating crushing misanthropic doom. With a lineup established, shirts and patches made, the band would eventually release their first single on 16 November 2016 entitled A Cross To Burn via their Facebook (Later on their Bandcamp circa 1 February 2017). In early February the band would announce their earliest known show at 103 Lounge in Los Angeles on 10 May 2017 with Conan. Doomed & Stoned would also debut the new single on 28 February 2018.   From that point and leading up to the recording of their debut album, Sixes would perform at a benefit for the Complex venue (10 June) and perform with the likes of Archons, Demon Lung, Wounded Giant, In the Company of Serpents and Goya, among others. On 26 December 2017, Sixes would announce that they had signed to Black Bow Records and that their debut album was imminent for a March release. On 1 March, Methistopheles was unleashed with critical praise among the stoner/doom circles. The band would also announce their first full tour known as the Worship Amps Not Gods Tour 2018. The 28 date tour, preceded by a headlining date at OC Doom Fest, would feature appearances at Chicago Doomed & Stoned and Austin Terror Fest.
 + ENTRANCE : 10€
 + OPENING HOUR : 19:00
 + ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4: web
    » 21:00  Conan
    » 20:05  UN
    » 19:10  Sixes
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