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SUNDAY 09.02.2020 :: 
Fantazio (FR) + Manu Louis

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

 » Fantazio (FR)  (Experimental / Chanson / Jazz)
An Unidentified Musical Object.   An expression often used haphazardly, but in this case, illustrates Fantazio’s universe perfectly. A true showman, a spirit haunted by incredibly extravagant creativity, bringing together the most divers crowds over the course of his performance-like concerts.   Covered in tattoos, traumatised for a long time by the figure of Elephant man without having seen the film, his stage name inherited during his punk era, this wild individual is a character out of the ordinary and his music totally uncategorised.   As if he and his doublebass where one, his fingers bashed by mishandling the cords, he has travelled with his peculiar music throughout different countries, concert halls, bars, street alleys and is now propelled as one of the most fantastic figures of the Parisian alternative scene.   If one had to detect all the different styles in this musical ensemble (one might judge as having no head or tail), you could probably find as much scruffy punk as anxious jazz, hazy hip-hop or truculent childish, dadaist speechs, brassy rock as well as electronic rhythms.   A mixture between an aniseed (the drink) brass band and a surrealist experimental work shop, the man-elephant and his Gang playfully dodge expectancies using noises that wander and tranquil sounds to the limits of obliteration. At the centre of these treasures of musical inventiveness, Fantazio narrates, sings with his malleable voice, spits out, roars,howls, becomes a malicious geisha or either a crude crooner, his sudden outburst of words instigate strange stories in a hallucinated storyteller posture.    
 » Manu Louis   (Electro / Avant Garde / Chanson Française)


 Manu Louis est un musicien et compositeur de chansons expérimentales. Il tire ses influences de la pop, du jazz, de l’électronique et des compositeurs d’avant garde. Constamment en tournée depuis 2015 (il fait plus de 100 concerts par an), Manu voyage seul dans toute l’Europe et en Asie, accompagné de sa guitare, d’un village d’instruments électroniques et de projections vidéos.

Ses concerts passent du neo-cabaret déglingué, rempli d’improvisations, à des chansons post house où l’on danse frénétiquement, et ont laissé derrière eux des milliers de spectateurs médusés par cet « un homme orchestre » sorti de nulle part, survolté et déjanté. Manu compose aussi de la musique pour grands ensembles (orchestres de chambre, orchestres à cordes, fanfares) et vient de sortir Kermesse Machines (Igloo rec.), album hyperéclectique sur les fêtes de village.
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    » 19:35  Manu Louis
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