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Klingonz (UK) + Lucky Devils (FR) + Garbage Bags
 » Klingonz (UK)  (Psychobilly)

Klingonz are a psychobilly band formed in 1988. Their original line-up had Titch doing lead vocals, Doyley on guitar, Strangy playing double bass and Mocker on drums. Strangy was replaced by Eddie after their second album, Blurb. Strangy joined Karloff, known then as Numbskulls, a band fronted by Strangy's brother Ash. Mick of Phantom Rockers would later replace Doyley on Guitar. In 1998 this line-up recorded an EP entitled The Mad are Sane under the name Looper.

 » Lucky Devils (FR)  (Psychobilly)
 » Garbage Bags   (Rock And Roll)
April 2017, 2 friended couples decide to start a band , out of a fascination for garage style music. Inspired by the wide range of garage music available, they take the most interest in 60's beat garage and 80's trash garage, mixing it with Psychotic Rock ‘n Roll and Punk to produce a own distinctive sound. Aiming to be the filth in Rock ‘n Roll,  Garbage Bags were born.  They played their 1st gig At the Duketown Rebel 2017 after 6 months rehearsing, billed in between the 2 headliners they made a big impression. After some local gigs in Flanders (Belgium) they dived in the Yellow Tape Studio (Ghent) making their first Ep called "You Stink". Inspiration comes mostly from; The Monsters, The Cramps, The Vibes, The Milkshakes, The Sonics, The Johnson Family, Escalators, Sting-Rays, X-Men, the Back From the Grave compilations,  and everything in between.
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 + ENTRANCE : 10€
 + OPENING HOUR : 20:00
 + ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4: web
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