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THURSDAY 01.10.2015 :: 
 Dark Ambient / Drone / Contemporary / Noise / Industrial
Oneirogen (US) + Moon Zero (UK) + Second Moon Of Winter (IE)

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!!

 » Oneirogen (US)  (Noise / Industrial)

Oneirogen (o-NI-ro-jen) is the performing name of New York based composer Mario Diaz de Leon, known for its merging of ethereal synths, brutal distortion, and noise influences. The project was initiated in 2012 with the release of "Hypnos", which brought widespread acclaim from fans of experimental and heavy music for its varied and cinematic intensity. Following the EP "Veni Nox Anima", the second full length album, "Kiasma" was released in 2013 on the Denovali label and characterized by "dark, shimmery metal-gone-drone epics" (Time Out New York). Recent appearances include CTM Festival (Berlin), Doom Over Leipzig, Denovali Festival (Essen), The Kitchen, and Tinnitus Music Series (NYC).

 » Moon Zero (UK)  (Dark Ambient / Drone)
MOON ZERO is the enigmatic and ethereal project of London-based Tim Garratt. Composed and recorded entirely in churches, Moon Zero's compositions explore the harmonic chaos of competing frequencies. Denovali Records is pleased to announce the release of Moon Zero's second EP 'LOSS' on vinyl and 2xCD, where the second CD will contain the first EP 'TOMBS' and remixes thereof, previously available only as a limited cassette release. This edition of 'Tombs' will also appear as a separate vinyl release.
'TOMBS' is, especially for a debut, a bold and confident musical statement, which reimagines the possibilities of processed organ and laptop sounds in a live context. The opener 'Dalyan' builds from slowly wavering layers of sound into a crumbling, decaying wall of fuzzed-out, peaking noise, which in turn builds again into ever-moving blocks of chopped loops and feedback, absorbing the listener completely into Moon Zero's musical space. A remarkable listen.
'LOSS' is the result of a year spent working out how to play Moon Zero live and then going on to play concerts. Using a wide range of instrumentation such ad drawbar organ, bass synth, vocals, fx processors and guitar pedals, Loss was written & recorded over 2 days at St George in The East Church in London, October 2013.
Whereas 'Tombs' was more concerned with exploring melody in an ambient space, 'Loss' is looking at pulse and movement in sound. Indeed, Garratt states: "I wanted to create a soundscape that had a propulsion to it, a sense of rhythm but without drums. I like sounds which are dynamic in terms of both volume and frequency range, they need to have a life to them and breathe."
Composing and recording in churches, the musical works of Moon Zero embody their character; the authentic space and depth to the sound. Some frequencies cause parts of the church to vibrate wildly. One can hear children playing outside and wind blowing through the gaps of the windows. It has life.
Garratt adds: "There is a sad solitude of being alone in a large room, and as an atheist I find no comfort in the doctrine that surrounds me." Moon Zero's compositions leave with that isolation on them, the setting is directly influencing the music. Indeed, Loss is inspired by dimming nostalgia and inevitability. Exploring ideas about the end and decay of life cycles, these four tracks constitute a staggering masterpiece.
 » Second Moon Of Winter (IE)  (Ambient / Contemporary Classical)

Second Moon of Winter is a new experimental ensemble from Ireland melting discordant ambiences with luminous soprano. Their first installment, a six track album called “One for Sorrow, Two for Joy”, will be released on Denovali Records in January 2015.

 + ENTRANCE : 8€
 + OPENING HOUR : 19:00
    » 21:10  Oneirogen
    » 20:15  Moon Zero
    » 19:20  Second Moon Of Winter
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