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WEDNESDAY 19.04.2017 :: 
Unearthly Trance (US) + Suma (SE)

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

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 » Unearthly Trance (US)  (Doom Metal / Sludge / Experimental)
Hailing from Long Island/Brooklyn New York, Unearthly Trance was created in 2000 by founding members Ryan Lipynsky [Guitar and Vocals] and Jay Newman [Bass]. After releasing a debut 7” on Southern Lord Records, Darren Verni joined the fold on drums and solidified the band as the loudest and most original blackened doom power trio from Brooklyn.
Unearthly Trance released two critically acclaimed albums with Lee Dorrian’s Doom Coven Rise Above Records. In 2003, the debut “Season Of Seance, Science Of Silence” exhibited extreme bleak doom and harsh black metal vocals with the occasional flair for experiment that was mixed by Stephen O’Malley [Sunn, Khanate, Burning Witch]. The follow up “In The Red”, is when U.T. truly found their sonic identity. They joined forces with producer Sanford Parker in Chicago and established the sound and future Unearthly Trance to come.
In 2006, Unearthly Trance signed with Relapse Records and released their third full-length “The Trident”. This album featured a more varying degree of tempos, textures, and mood and really shows the bands strength of well crafted song writing. Once again recording with trusted engineer Sanford Parker, the band also had the opportunity to record at Steve Albini’s famous recording studio Electrical Audio.
With the intent of honing their craft and taking their sound further, 2008’s “Electrocution” shows Unearthly Trance at their most progressive and bravely traveling from yet experimenting within their harsh doom/sludge foundation. As always, Parker expertly captured the sound of the band who were at the heights of its vigor and explosiveness.
Things took on a new vibe and tone with “V” in 2010. This showed the band recording and mixing on its own with bassist Jay Newman at the helm in their home of New York City. With “V” the trio came full circle; combining the expansive leanings of “Electrocution” and “The Trident” with the sparing, brooding doom of their earliest works.
Unearthly Trance has had an extensive career of touring and playing shows with legendary and acclaimed acts such as Electric Wizard, The Melvins, High On Fire, Grief, Sunn, Pelican, Sleep, Morbid Angel, Floor, Autopsy, Ramesses, Suma and many more.
Unearthly Trance decided to call it a day June 6th 2012…
But thankfully after some well needed rest and reflection, the band has returned in 2015 to once again summon the beast ! Shortly before the return, Unearthly Trance released a 2xcd collection of vinyl only songs from the past on Throne Records fittingly titled “Ouroboros”. Now back and once again in the rehearsal laboratory, the band is firing on all cylinders and has already planned live outings and has begun writing new material for album number six. Expect nothing but the most soul crushing occult doomed metal from the deepest depths and beyond.
 » Suma (SE)  (Doom / Noise / Sludge)
Hailing from Malmö, Sweden and formed in 2001. SUMA has been spreading the plague of their sonic weight,
noise-ridden hallucinatory doom metal on the world for the past decade and a half. Through these years
they've lured hordes of humans into the lair with their devastatingly heavy, one way trip into the vortex live
performances and crushing delivery on their recorded matters.
With a strong DIY mind, SUMA has been releasing most of it's music through their own label and hitting the
roads across Europe over the years through their own booking and the help of kindred spirits across the plains.
In 2010 SUMA was invited by Tom G. Warrior to take part in his "Only Death Is Real" curated day at ROADBURN
and saw their first appearance on U.S. soil - an east-coast tour with Unearthly Trance. As well as distribution and
marketing help for ASHES through now defunct swedish death/black metal label REGAIN RECORDS.
After the changes to the entity that is SUMA in the winter of 2011/12 there was no hesitation in figuring out how
to move forward. Now regenerated to enable unexplored structures of their sphere... there is a vast darkness
on the horizon.
In 2016 they'll record their fourth album - THE ORDER OF THINGS - with legendary engine-ear BILLY ANDERSON
(Pallbearer, Black Cobra, Agalloch, Tragedy) once again at the helm of the recording. This is the imminent
evolution from the past's behemoths of albums, LET THE CHURCHES BURN and ASHES.
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    » 19:40  Suma
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