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SUNDAY 16.04.2017 :: 
Gnod (UK) + Thorrax + Stereocilia (UK)

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

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 » Gnod (UK)  (Psychedelic / Drone / Improvisation)
As we embark on a new year more characterised by fear and uncertainty than hope and optimism, a chronic shortage of
dissent can be detected in the artistic community amidst
a harrowing socio-political climate. Yet the Salford-based
collective Gnod have wasted little time in kicking against the doom and disquiet with everything at their disposal.
“It seems like we are heading towards even more unsettling times in the near future than we are in at present.” reckons
Chris Haslam of Gnod. “2016 is just the beginning of what
I see as the establishment’s systematic destruction of
liberalism and equality as a reaction to the general public’s
loss of faith in their system”
Charged by this outlook, Gnod’s new album, ‘ Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death
Machine’ represents a hitherto uncharted level of antagonism and adversarial force for the band - an artistic statement as righteous, fervent and direct as its title. which far from being
an echo of an anarcho spirit of yore, denotes a record firmly entrenched in the psychic terrain of 2017.
“On the surface it could almost seem like there’s no political
art movement out there to oppose what’s happening, but there is - we know there is” adds the band’s Paddy Shine. “Maybe that movement is struggling to find its voice as a cohesive whole right now but that will change. It has to change.”
Fuelled by their militant drive and unyielding ardour, ‘Just Say No…’ refracts Gnod’s harsh and repetitive riff-driven rancour through a psychotropic haze of dubbed-out abstraction, with Paddy’s incendiary vocal delivery to the fore. ,‘Just Say No…
sounds like a record only Gnod could make - a band fiercely independent, never comfortable in one place artistically for
any duration of time, always with their co-ordinates set on
uncharted territory and the next challenge ahead, and
delivering a monument of ire and iconoclasm.
 » Thorrax   (Sludge / Stoner / Noise Rock)

Music for the jilted generation.

 » Stereocilia (UK)  (Drone Ambient / Soundtrack)
Stereocilia is Bristol based guitarist and composer, John Scott. John uses his guitar, analog synths and live looping techniques to create dense, rich layers of sound.
His live show is centered around a visual backdrop he has created, with the improvisation acting as a live soundtrack. Over the past 10 years John has performed all over the UK and Europe with various projects. He has also presented work for live radio broadcasts, and regularly composes for short films. He has also performed in three of Rhys Chatham’s 100 piece guitar Orchestras. In 2012 at the Biennial festival in Liverpool cathedral performing ‘A Crimson Grail’, San Francisco 2013 and Birmingham 2014 both performing ‘A Secret Rose’.
John’s Debut album Mumurations came out on his Echoic Memory Label in November 2013, bookended by two E.P’s and a string of compilation appearances. 2016 will see the release of his second album, The Road to the Unconscious Past, due out in late Spring on Echoic Memory. A new EP/mini album is also in the works for UK label, Low Point.
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