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MONDAY 24.04.2017 :: 
Sumac (US) + Oxbow (US) + Maneki Nekro (US)

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

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 » Sumac (US)  (Sludge / Post Metal)
Sumac is a new band, the core membership consisting of Aaron Turner (House of Low Culture, Old Man Gloom etc.) and Nick Yacyshyn (Baptists, Hard Feelings). Debut record "The Deal" will be released via Profound Lore (CD), and SIGE Records (LP) in Feb 2015. Bass on the album was done by Brian Cook (Botch, Russian Circles) , who will be auxiliary/intermittent member for live performances when possible.
The album was recorded by Mell Dettmer at Litho and Aleph in Seattle, with additional recording done at home. It was mixed by Kurt Ballou at God City, Salem, MA.
 » Oxbow (US)  (Noise Rock / Avant Garde)
The quiet kill off the country road, the time before the time when everything went wrong and the last 16 hours of that great love affair are the seminal beginnings of OXBOW. Designed to be the last aural will and testament of failed humanity, OXBOW actually garnered listeners from among the ranks of the fucked, with their 1990 release FUCKFEST (cfy/pathological). Followed by KING OF THE JEWS (cfy), THE BALLS IN THE GREAT MEAT GRINDER COLLECTION (pathological), LET ME BE A WOMAN (brinkman/crippled dick hot wax) recorded by the estimable STEVE ALBINI, SERENADE IN RED (SST/CDHW) also recorded by ALBINI and GIBBS CHAPMAN (FAITH NO MORE, RED HOUSE PAINTERS), AN EVIL HEAT (neurot) by GIBBS CHAPMAN, LOVE THAT'S LAST (Hydrahead) by OXBOW and the soon-to-be released THE NARCOTIC STORY (Hydrahead) by JOE CHICCARELLI (AGENT ORANGE, BECK, AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB), as well as various singles and dance remixes, OXBOW has met with increasing critical acclaim and popular support.
 » Maneki Nekro (US)  (Alternative Rock)
Zbyszek "Zibi" Jasiński (Terrible Disease), Arek Piesiewicz (Terrible Disease, Hell Ov Heaven, Siła) and Kasia Meow (ex Terrible Disease) decided that they love each other too much and this is how Maneki Nekro was born. 
Kasia Meow started her singing career in the Bob Weston-mixed Terrible Disease. Soon after that she started collaborations with multiple artists such as Eugene S. Robinson + Philippe Petit, Oxbow Orchestra, Dada Gato with Tomasz Mądry (A Sea Ov Smoke), Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu), Stuart Estell (Lachenalia) and recently Bunuel (One Dimensional Man + Eugene S. Robinson).
Music is the only thing that really keeps her away from mental institutions and killing people.
Zbyszek "Zibi" Jasiński is Maneki Nekro's drummer. He started to play in 1999 in bands like Plum and Woody Alien. After nine years they split their roads and soon after Zibi became the mother of Terrible Disease.
Arek Piesiewicz is playing bass since... forever. At the beginning he was jamming with many, many, many local bands until in 2010 he bacame the father of Terrible Disease. He's also playing in Siła, Hell Ov Heaven and now Maneki Nekro.
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 + OPENING HOUR : 19:00
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    » 21:00  Sumac
    » 19:40  Oxbow
    » 19:15  Maneki Nekro
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