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SUNDAY 12.03.2017 :: 
Spidergawd (NO) + Woodland (NO) + Taïfun

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

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 » Spidergawd (NO)  (Rock)
It’s the worst thing that could happen in today’s music-business: That the best bands are not the most popular, known by everyone. But if you really like rock’n’roll you will definitely love Spidergawd – a band that stands for everything we love about guitar driven music.
 The Norwegian four-piece has it all: the swagger, the wildness, the danger that real rock’n’roll celebrates these days far too seldom. Helmed by Per Borten – a natural born singer with the perfect croon and a gifted guitar-player – Spidergawd has the best rhythm-section you get these days. It’s Motorpsycho’s bassist Bent Sæther and drummer Kenneth Kapstad. Both lay down masterful and relentless grooves. The line-up is rounded out by baritone-saxophone-player Rolf Martin Snustad who ads a certain soulful and jazzy edge to the mix.
 And the magic is surely in the mix: Spidergawd brilliantly blend old blues-styles, heavy psychedelic with improvised freak-outs, the dry-to-the-bone-grooves of Queens Of The Stone Age, the soulful heavy-arena-rock of Thin Lizzy and the wild proto-punk of such Motor-City-legends like MC5 und The Stooges.
 Spidergawd is the best band you might not have seen yet. They bring back the magic and fun of rock’n’roll – as they did on their marvellous debut (2014) and their even leaner and meaner follow-up II (2015). The third album will arrive in early 2016 – and it is as relentless as its predecessors!
 » Woodland (NO)  (Rock)
Dirty and right-in-the-face music influenced by american delta blues. Woodland is a band with members from Trondheim's jazz and rock underground music scene who's come together trying to find their roots, searching the unpolished and sincere.
It's Mississippi mud mixed with the roughness of the nordic winter and dark season melancholia...
 » Taïfun   (Indie / Rock)
Nom emprunté à une chanson de Motorpsycho, Taïfun déchaîne les éléments naturels d’un indie rock léché et puissant. Des vents modérés à la tempête, il n’y a souvent qu’un souffle que ce quatuor guitares-basse-batterie franchit à la vitesse de l’éclair. Et si les chants semblent vouloir amadouer les cieux, l’orage n’est pourtant jamais très loin. Dans la lignée de Modest Mouse, Reiziger, Van Pelt, Q and not U et autres Norvégiens précités!
Oldest HH band, massive music and sound with emo voices, somewhere between Modest Mouse, Van Pelt, Q and not U, Motorpsycho.
 + ENTRANCE : 8€
 + OPENING HOUR : 19:00
 + ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4: web
    » 21:05  Spidergawd
    » 20:05  Woodland
    » 19:15  Taïfun
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