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THURSDAY 15.06.2017 :: 
Exhumed (US) + Serial Butcher + Cryptogenic

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

Gagnez votre place avec Music In Belgium

 » Exhumed (US)  (Death Metal / Grindcore)
 » Serial Butcher   (Death Metal)

SERIAL BUTCHER was first conceived in 1995, a self titled demo tape was recorded and unleashed upon the unsuspecting audience in 1997 The band is getting rave reviews in fanzines,being called a more brutal version of Cannibal Corpse, and playing an average of 2-3 shows per month all over the country, opening for international acts such as Loudblast,Natron,Suffocation,Aborted,... Wich resulted in recording 2 more demo cd's "Exhumed Rotting" in 1998 and "Butchers Forever" in 2001, whom where self released and limited to a few hundred copy's that where sold out in almost no time! January 2003 sees the band signing a one album record deal to American label "Deepsend records", releasing the EP "Genocide Landscape", recorded at CCR Recordings by Kris Belaen(Aborted,In-Quest,...), selling cd's all over the world,and leaving their mark upon the underground scene. A period of line-up problems had occured in the past years, but where quickly resolved by recruting Belgiums Finest musicians to continue the ravage the band had left behind, providing a more punishing sound than ever before.. The progression of the bandmembers today,took them to the next level of recording a full album, entitled "A Crash Course In Cranium Crushing" at the end of 2008. After 2 weeks of recording and mixing at the famed "Berno Studio" in Sweden with producer Henrik Larsson (The Haunted,Amon Amarth,Vomitory,...) 9 brutal tracks where finished of wich a 3 track promo cd was send out to the world, including the sick art of the allmighty "Tony Koehl" (Malignancy,The Black Dahlia Murder,Devourment,Putrid Pile,...) and quickly draw the attention of many labels,proving that SERIAL BUTCHER is back on track! which resulted in signing a 2 album deal with todays leading Deathmetal label "UNIQUE LEADER RECORDS", housing international top acts like Vile,Deeds Of Flesh,Hour Of penance,and many more... In a few words:"Preparing for the attack",that's what Serial Butcher has been up to! Beware,for those who left themselves unprepared,the ravage will be bigger this time and you will shit yourselves in awe when this relentless sonic madness of pummeling grooves and fast paced artillery passes through your town,leaving a devastating track! So look out for an album called "A Crash Course In Cranium Crushing" before it gets you!

 » Cryptogenic   (Death Metal)
Cryptogenic is a Modern Death Metal band founded by 3 ex-Skelt’s members : Steph (lead guitar), Geof (bass guitar) and Yoh (drums) mi-2014. 
A few months later, Catarina (frontwoman) and Rui (rhythm guitar) reinforced and completed the line-up. “There is No Hope… Beyond Mutation” the first album of the band was recorded in August and October 2014 at Rising Studio. 
The full-length is a conceptual album about an unknown virus which decimates the human race by transforming them into blood-thirsty mutant-beasts! The album is available since January 2015 at gigs. If you like extreme and fast Death Metal with a diversity of influences, lots of heavy melodies and angry inhuman gutturals : Cryptogenic is for you!
The band shared the bill with bands such as The Agonist (CAN), Anaal Nathrakh (UK), Otargos (FR), Unearthly (BRA), Antropomorphia (NL), Emeth (BE), and many more throughout Belgium...
In the beginning of 2016, Catarina was ousted from the band due to internal reasons and Anouk fulfilled the missing link a few months later. In addition, Cryptogenic invaded some places in Europe with some gigs in Malta, Germany, France,... alongside bands such as Martyrium (MLT), Cadaveria (ITA), Mechanical God Creation (ITA), Infected Rain (MLD), Aeranea (GER), Weeping Silence (MLT), Be Under Arms (RUS) and many more...
The band is working right now on its second full-length. Another conceptual album, stay tuned!
 + ENTRANCE : 10€
 + OPENING HOUR : 19:00
 + ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4: web
    » 21:05  Exhumed
    » 20:10  Serial Butcher
    » 19:15  Cryptogenic
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