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 » SUNDAY 30.04.2017 
SUNDAY 30.04.2017 :: 
Nuits du Beau Tas Punk / Rock and Roll

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

Ex-Cult (US) + Japans
Punk / Rock and Roll
» Ex-Cult (Punk / Rock and Roll)

Taking cues from the psychedelic noise of the 1960’s, the art-damaged post-punk of the late 1970’s, and the aggression and immediacy of early 1980’s US Hardcore, Ex-Cult has curated a sound that audiences nationwide find accessible, yet not quite like anything else they’ve heard. 

Conceived at the legendary Memphis dive, the Lamplighter, by longtime friends Michael Peery (drums) and Chris Shaw (vocals), the band played their first show three months after the first practice, immediately gaining ...

» Japans (Post punk)

Born 2013 , Japans is a trio Rock'n Roll kamikaze from Belgium These three degenerates give you simplistic Rock to make swing your ass...

ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4
 » APRIL 2017
 + SATURDAY 29.04.2017
 Metal / Hardcore / Stoner
Nostromo (CH) + Hangman's Chair (FR) + Harpias Night
 + SUNDAY 30.04.2017
NUITS DU BEAU TAS Punk / Rock and Roll
Ex-Cult (US) + Japans