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 » THURSDAY 27.04.2017 (CANCELLED) 
Sects Tape
THURSDAY 27.04.2017 (CANCELLED) :: 

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

Due to a health issue of one Porch member, this show is cancelled. 
Suite à un problème de santé d'un des membres de Porch, ce concert est annulé. 


Porch (US) + Sects Tape
Noise Rock
» Porch (Noise Rock)
The story of a resurrection. Or maybe we've been here all along.    Consisent with the past but pushing forever forward into the uncharted, we are proud to have created 10 new songs with the aid of Mr Tim Green at Louder Studios. A purist analog approach from cradle to grave, more spontaneous than planned, gives this set of songs a very unique character and feel and seems to have done well to capture the sounds that are currently bounding around in our collective heads. Sounds almost ...
» Sects Tape (Dead Garage / Punk Garage)

After El Gouro's first trip to the other life, the new perception and powers he came back with made him realize this world was in need of his infinite mind potential. He decided to hire the most loyal and devoted apostles and start a band whose sole purpose was to teach the world about the joys of El Gouro's knowledge. They were four : the thin, the tall, the fat and the hairless. Bound forever in the most sacred rituals of all which many have heard of but few have seen. With already a ...

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