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 » SATURDAY 29.04.2017 
SATURDAY 29.04.2017 :: 
Nostromo (CH) + Hangman's Chair (FR) + Harpias Night
Metal / Hardcore / Stoner
» Nostromo (Metal / Grindcore / Hardcore)
Apparu sur la scène alternative genevoise au milieu des années 1990, Nostromo écume les caves des squats genevois, publiant un premier 45 tours dans le cadre du 7" Club de l'association Post Tenebras Rock (PTR), résidente de l'Usine. Proche de groupes comme Fragment, Prejudice et Knut avec qui il partage régulièrement l'affiche, Nostromo sort en 1998 son premier album (Argue) sur le label Snuff Records, créé par des membres de Knut. Taverne quitte le groupe en 1998 pour rejoindre ...
» Hangman's Chair (Stoner / Metal)
HOPE///DOPE///ROPE   Can’t afford the drugs you need? Must have medications? Need to know how to put an end to this? Enter the new Hangman’s Chair LP. Third album, three words: HOPE///DOPE///ROPE. All drugs to cure yourself, 7 ways to kill yourself, satisfaction guaranteed. Take a last trip into Paris “Ville Lumière” in its grimiest alleys through HEAVY SLOW DOWN-TUNED music and finally meet a generation of visionary-maniac-dope fiend-depressive-paranoid-freaks. Expected ...
» Harpias Night (Death Metal)

Slow Death Metal band from Belgium

HARPIAS NIGHT are born from the ashes of Brussels metal and hardcore underground and is haunted  by musicians with years of experience in the scene. As the band offer very limited live appearance you can already figure out that you will be part of a secret ritual night during La Muerte "LSD for the Holy man"  release-party.   Thru their unique sludge stoner doom  death sound HARPIAS NIGHT will bring you to the house of Heaven and Hell!!!

ENTRANCE : 16/20 €
ORGANIZERS : Intersection