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 » SUNDAY 29.04.2018 
Majestic Sun
SUNDAY 29.04.2018 :: 

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

Nebula (US) + Majestic Sun
Stoner Rock / Desert Rock / Psychedelic
» Nebula (Stoner Rock / Desert Rock / Psychedelic)

Los Angeles based trio **'Nebula'** , comprised of Eddie Glass (Guitar/Vocals), English geezer Tom Davies (Bass/Vocals) & Rob Oswald (Drums). ........It all started when Eddie Glass & Neil Blender were making weird 4 track music ,,Alien Workshops' first video.... Eddie then went on to drum for **'Olivelawn'** ........ later Eddie played lead guitar with **'Fu Manchu'** , writing some of the songs and playing lead guitar on the first three albums.^....... **In 1997 Eddie ...

» Majestic Sun (Stoner Rock / Progressive)

Majestic Sun offers a diverse and dynamic sound that explores different genres and corners. An exciting listing for any lover of stoner, psych, post and prog rock with a heavy instrumental focus and an array of different influences. 

ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4