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 » FRIDAY 27.04.2018 
164 Speedpunk
FRIDAY 27.04.2018 :: 
Oi Polloi (UK) + Corrupt Moral Altar (UK) + 164 Speedpunk + MatraK AttaKK
» Oi Polloi (Punk)
STORY "Oi Polloi Manchester Gullivers July 2011   The room is hot. Very hot. Flailing limbs are flying in joyous celebration. The booze is flowing and the feral howl of fierce punk rock is flying. This is as primal as it gets. The band are grindingly heavy, Motorhead meeting Crass on a drunken, good time night out that doesn’t hide from the real world. Like wild dogs ignoring the treacherous ditch of the vile and dying music biz Oi Polloi have rolled up their sleeves and taken their ...
» Corrupt Moral Altar (Grindcore)
Hailing from Liverpool, England, Corrupt Moral Altar is fucking the system since early 2012. Comprising former members of Malevolent Creation and current members of Napalm Death, Venomous Concept as well as Tom Dring, the production mind behind Dragged Into Sunlight and UK grind outfit Magpyes, CMA delivers systems overload on every channel. With charged riffs, vocals akin to gargling broken glass, slumped over slabs of bass heavy filth - every snare hit is another crack of the whip and CMA is ...
» 164 Speedpunk (Punk)
The band, formed in 2010, can count on lots of experience and power. Influenced by legends as Crass, Rancid, The Clash, The Damned and The Dead Kennedys Fred and Craps form a solid twin on snares since the 1980’s. 8 Years ago Remi was enlisted and started to agonize the ears of thousands of listeners. The youngest member, Babba, joined the band in 2010. Together they are an experienced bunch with an energy overload that brings oldschool punk to another level. A tight rhythm and speedy tempo ...
» MatraK AttaKK (Crust / Grindcore)
ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4