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 » SATURDAY 05.05.2018 
SATURDAY 05.05.2018 :: 
Freedom Hawk (US) + Dopelord (PL) + Goddog
Hard Rock / Stoner Rock / Sludge
» Freedom Hawk (Stoner Rock / Hard Rock / Heavy Rock)

Hailing from the barrier dunes of Virginia, this quartet blends heavy riffs, a rolling groove, and soulful guitar melodies to produce the sound that is Freedom Hawk. Their brand of rock coupled with a high energy live show, leaves many wondering if they’ve stepped through a time warp, which has taken them to rock’s heyday in the 70’s.

» Dopelord (Stoner / Doom Metal)

Stoner/doom band from Poland. Founded in late 2010 in Lublin. Released their debut album "Magick Rites" in 2012 followed by "Black Arts, Riff Worship & Weed Cult" in 2014. Smoking, rehearsing and touring. Their main inspirations are: old movies, 70s music and magical herbs. They tune low and play slow.

» Goddog (Stoner Rock)

One day you feel as a god, the next you’re just a goddamned dog … Life’s old story …
Why ? because we are humans, with a large range of emotions. This is sometimes killing us little by little and that’s how we learn to grow … Music is there to soften all this, like a healer.
People like labels, Goddog doesn’t. If you’ve got a soul, is there a need to put a name on what you feel. Just let yourself surrender to what is essential for you.
This is Goddog’s purpose, give you some kind of therapy ...

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