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 » THURSDAY 24.05.2018 
THURSDAY 24.05.2018 :: 

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

Rosetta (US) + Maudlin + Quietus (FR)
Post Metal / Sludge / Post Rock
» Rosetta (Post Metal / Sludge / Post Rock / Prog)
Forging ahead as a fully-independent band, Rosetta returns in 2017 with Utopioid, their sixth fulllength album and most concept-driven work to date. Written as a four-part song cycle that treads multipolar extremes of texture, dynamics, and harmony, it reaches the highest heights and the deepest lows of the band’s career. An unflinching study of human aspiration, frailty, and betrayal, the album is equal parts mysticism and biography. Utopioid tells a story in sounds, encapsulating and ...
» Maudlin (Psychedelic / Experimental / Rock)
MAUDLIN is psychedelic rock reinvented. Your soul will be crushed by rawness & deep emotions baptised in a hallucinatory pool of higher spheres. MAUDLIN is a rearing beast that shows its true power, intensity is a keyword in their albums 'Solitary Echo' and 'Ionesco'. 
» Quietus (Post Metal)

Born from the ashes of Ed Warner, Quietus is a french instrumental post-metal band. Inspired by bands like The Ocean, Converge, Mutoid Man, Russian Circles...

ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4