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 » FRIDAY 04.05.2018 
Suit Side vs Veda Plight
FRIDAY 04.05.2018 :: 
Total Chaos (US) + Mad Farmers + Suit Side vs Veda Plight
Punk / Hardcore
» Total Chaos (Punk / Street Punk)

over 24 years ago (Sept.-Oct. 1989) in Pomona Valley, CA was the birth of Total Chaos. Created out of the desperate need to save a dying genre of punk rock- during a time that the market was saturated with a more commercial new style. Along the side of a dedicated few other bands who believed in the dying genre and all that it represented- to them it was not only music- but a forum- to convey important political and social views. Total Chaos along with many others started organizations such as- ...

» Mad Farmers (Punk / Rock And Roll)

See you in Hell !!!

Formed in 2011 on Dirty Burgers ephemeral ashes, Mad Farmers adopts its original form of power-trio in 2012 with the arrival of a new bass player. Their style evolves the greasy rock n 'roll to pieces with sounds more punk rock. Their influences are many and varied and reflected in compositions unadorned and devoid of good feelings. Real uneducated rednecks.   Ex members from René Binamé, Dirty Burgers, En Dan?!, CoCu
» Suit Side vs Veda Plight (Punk)
Suit Side vs Veda Plight is an anarcho-punk from band from hellgium since 2004. Their lyrics are pretty commited. Music style is sometimes a bit crazy but most of the time close to english HxC punk.  They started as 2piece band with drum machine and made their first tour in 2007 in France, then 2010 in France again. They recorded at home 3 demos within this period. In january 2011 they went in Brazil touring, that's where they met Zorel (ex Execradores, Diskontroll, Peligro,Contraste Bizarro ...
ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4
 » MAY 2018
 + WEDNESDAY 02.05.2018
 Sludge Metal / Stoner Rock
Bison (CA) + LLNN (DK) + Absynth
 + FRIDAY 04.05.2018
 Punk / Hardcore
Total Chaos (US) + Mad Farmers + Suit Side vs Veda Plight
 + SATURDAY 05.05.2018
 Hard Rock / Stoner Rock / Sludge
Freedom Hawk (US) + Dopelord (PL) + Goddog
 + SUNDAY 06.05.2018
NUITS DU BEAU TAS Industrial / Noise Rock / Psychedelic
Gnod (UK) + Insect Ark (US) + Nystagmus
 + TUESDAY 08.05.2018
 Black Metal / Thrash Metal
Aura Noir (NO) + Nuclear Devastation (NL)
 + WEDNESDAY 09.05.2018
Conflict (UK) + Netra + Vacant
 + FRIDAY 11.05.2018
 Sludge Metal
Fister (US) + Chrch (US) + Throatsnapper
 + SATURDAY 12.05.2018
 Indus / Metal
Treponem Pal (FR) + Thot + P.U.T. (FR/BE)
 + MONDAY 14.05.2018
 Noise Rock / Grindcore / Post Hard Core
Zeus! (IT) + Valerian Swing (IT) + Nid'poul (FR)
 + TUESDAY 22.05.2018
 Experimental / Free Jazz / Noise Rock
Talibam! (US) + Dirty Primitives (Fr) + You got no jams
 + THURSDAY 24.05.2018
 Post Metal / Sludge / Post Rock
Rosetta (US) + Maudlin + Quietus (FR)
 + FRIDAY 25.05.2018
 Garage Rock / Blues trash
Reverend Beat Man & Sister Nicole Izobel Garcia (CH/US) + Deadline + Jenkinses
 + SATURDAY 26.05.2018
La Muerte
 + THURSDAY 31.05.2018
 Industrial / Drone / Noise
Author & Punisher (US) + Trepaneringsritualen (SE) + All Shadows And Deliverance