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 » TUESDAY 08.05.2018 
Nuclear Devastation
TUESDAY 08.05.2018 :: 

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

Aura Noir (NO) + Nuclear Devastation (NL)
Black Metal / Thrash Metal
» Aura Noir (Black Metal / Thrash Metal)
AURA NOIR formed in Oslo in 1993 as a result of Aggressor and Apollyons’ frustration with the metal underground’s trends and fads – the increasing overuse of keyboards and polished production etc. Black metal bands were turning into symphonic trite and thrash metal as such had been left for death (sic) in the late eighties.    They saw a gap that needed to be filled with something real, something metal. They intended to create a band that combined influences of 80s luminaries such as SODOM, ...
» Nuclear Devastation (Blackened crust punk / Thrash Metal)
Amsterdam Metalpunk horde Nuclear Devastation are among the newer dark and chaotic bands that combine the rotten sounds of Swedish Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Crustpunk, and Blackened Hardcore. Starting back in 2010 as youngsters making noise and following their idols, over time new influences were added to the cauldron of cacophony and their style evolved into something way more nihilistic and self destructive. Living in a dying scene overrun with clones of bands, Nuclear Devastation managed ...
ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4