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 » SATURDAY 23.06.2018 
Sons Of Otis
SATURDAY 23.06.2018 :: 
Church Of Misery (JP) + Dopethrone (CA) + Sons Of Otis (CA)
Sludge Metal / Doom
» Church Of Misery (Doom)
CHURCH OF MISERY was founded by Tatsu Mikami (bass guitar) back in 1995. After the breakup of his leading thrash metal band SALEM (that had toured in the UK several times and received critical acclaim from metal fans as well as the press) Tatsu decided to start his own solo project. He wanted to do something that reflected his other musical inspirations - doom metal and doom rock. Apart from metal and thrash, he was strongly influenced by doom bands like SAINT VITUS, BLACK SABBATH and became aware ...
» Dopethrone (Sludge)
"DOPETHRONE are the kind of humans that eat the blues for lunch and wash it all down with a giant jug of crust punch!  This is one of those bands that will have the crusty punks head banging right next to the stoners, both united under the bad sign of doom."  - CVLT NATION
» Sons Of Otis (Down Tempo / Psychedelic / Doom)

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