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 » SATURDAY 15.09.2018 
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Demilich (FI) + Spectral Voice (US) + Pestifer
Death Metal
» Demilich (Death Metal)
Demilich have deservedly become one of the most legendary bands to emerge from the Finnish metal underground. While they are obscure in the grand scheme of things, they are well known in the metal underground and probably need no introduction to most underground death metal fans as they could be considered one of the most important bands in codifying the "dissonant and technical" strain of death metal alongside Quebec's Gorguts.   The sheer experimentation of this music represents ...
» Spectral Voice (Death Metal / Doom)

The spectral voice crawled out of the doomed abyss of denver, colorado (usa) in late 2012 to play slow rotting death/doom from beyond the grave. Focusing on gloomy funeral atmosphere and ancient death-metal feeling. Their early performances and rehearsal tapes were well received and word of their morbid aura quickly spread through the underground. January 2015 saw their first official release, the "necrotic doom" demo, which sold 300 copoes before their first westo coast tour in march. ...

» Pestifer (Death Metal)

Pestifer is a death metal band founded by twins Adrien Gustin (bass) and Phil Gustin (drums).

ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4