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 » FRIDAY 07.12.2018 
Hà;PEOPLE 3 55
FRIDAY 07.12.2018 :: 
ADULT. (US) + Dive + Hà;PEOPLE 3 55
Electroclash / Industrial
» ADULT. (Electro)


Don’t call it a comeback, because ADULT. haven’t been away. It’s been a while since the world heard any recordings from Detroit electropunk pioneers Adam Lee Miller and Nicola Kuperus, it’s true, but that’s because the restlessly creative duo have been busy with other projects: a film trilogy, a soundtrack and an epic home renovation.   “At the end of 2007,” explains Miller, “music was everything, and that didn’t satisfy our multi-disciplinary nature.” It’s easy to see why Miller ...
» Dive (Electro / Industrial)
» Hà;PEOPLE 3 55 (Industrial)

Hà;PEOPLE . 3 . 55 . is a side project of à;Grumh... members J∆3 SEUQCAJ and J∆55 EKOJ . It's a syncretic mix between industrial noises, dark ambient atmospheres and martial drums. Enjoy theee noise!

ENTRANCE : 19€ (Presale)
ORGANIZERS : Fantastique Nights