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 » FRIDAY 11.01.2019 
FRIDAY 11.01.2019 :: 
We are pleased to announce our first concert at M4 on January 11th!
Since good news never comes alone, Mortiis will be there for a concert that promises to be memorable!
 Mortiis is the solo project of Håvard Ellefsen, founding member and bassist of the legendary black metal band Emperor. His work is a mix of darkwave, synthpop and industrial rock.
Sometimes as a group, sometimes solo, Håvard Ellefsen is the only constant member of the Mortiis project whose pseudonym he finally took. 
This concert will allow you to rediscover Mortiis' first era with his second album, "Ånden som Gjorde Opprør", in its entirety !
Mortiis (NO) + Nightstalker
Industrial / Dark Ambient / Old school dungeon synth
» Mortiis (Alternative Rock / Industrial)
» Nightstalker (Dark electro / Industrial)
ORGANIZERS : Hellhole Project