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 » MONDAY 25.02.2019 
MONDAY 25.02.2019 :: 

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

Michale Graves (US) + Witches of Doom (IT)
Horror Punk
» Michale Graves (Horror Punk)
Michale Graves kicked in the door of the music scene in 1995 as the lead singer and songwriter of one of the most legendary punk rock bands of all time, The Misfits. Third of 3 videos produced, his song "Scream" was directed by George A. Romero, the same man who directed "Night of The Living Dead”. Michale appeared in Romero's film "Bruiser" performing "Fiend Without a Face" which was also penned by Graves specifically for Romero's film.  Michale continued ...
» Witches of Doom (Gothic Doom)
Witches of Doom are a goth-stoner-doom band born in Rome in January 2013, when Federico Venditti –guitars-, DaniloPiludu –vocals- Jacopo Cartelli-bass- Andrea Budicin-drums- got together and started their own musical project in order to play a personalized mix of 80’s goth, 70’s hard rock blended with a 90’s sensibility that harks back to Type o’Negative and Moonspell among others. The Roman ensemble started to write their own material and in just a few months the bulk of the debut album was ...
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