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 » TUESDAY 12.02.2019 
TUESDAY 12.02.2019 :: 

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

Toundra (ES) + Wyatt E.
Instrumental / Rock
» Toundra (Instrumental / Rock)
Madrid rockers TOUNDRA started their journey in 2007. Their sound blends powerful riffs, beautiful deep melodies and intricate atmospheres, all wrapped up in elongated electric songs that emphasized their dangerous flammable live potential, and soon saw them develop into one of the most applauded instrumental acts in Europe. Within a record time they managed to release three albums independently, toured Europe, were featured at some of the most important festivals, including Primavera Sound & FIB, ...
» Wyatt E. (Drone Doom / Post Rock / Down Tempo / Orientalist doom)
Wyatt E. writes a soundtrack to a travel in the Orient in which your fantasy is the main means of transportation. This pilgrimage takes you to a place unspecified in time nor place and portrays an Orient as it is seen from the point of view of our Western Culture. Heavily influenced by cultural artefacts from Ingres’ paintings to Pasolini’s movies and the Anglo-American tradition of naively romanticising Arabic culture, Wyatt E. is the sonic answer to Edward Saïd’s canonic Orientalism.
ENTRANCE : 13/15€