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 » THURSDAY 07.02.2019 
The Messthetics
THURSDAY 07.02.2019 :: 

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

The Messthetics (US) + TUVALU
Art Punk / Post Hard Core
» The Messthetics (Art Punk / Post Hard Core / Instrumental)
The last time drummer Brendan Canty and bassist Joe Lally were in a band together, they were the rhythmic architects for Fugazi, an organization whose decade and a half of disciplined progressivism provided a necessary bridge between the zenith of late-punk expression and everything alternative in rock that followed. In 2016, the two were enlisted by guitarist Anthony Pirog in a conspiracy to subvert and reimagine the power trio, bringing fully into the 21st Century a form that may have reached ...
» TUVALU (Psych / Post punk)

We are all feminist women who do not live by heteronormative rules and write about the environment, human relations and awkwardness. Through our lyrics, a voice is given to plant bulbs to dream about a different season, a drowning person talks about climate change, and a society is accused being manipulative.

The sound of this band is said to make seeds sprout faster, greedy people sweat smell bad, and helps with baby bird's digestion. Served with a strong belgian beer.

TUVALU is formed ...

ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4