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 » TUESDAY 19.03.2019 
TUESDAY 19.03.2019 :: 

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

Zu (IT) + Gura + Alpha Strategy (CA)
Jazz Core / Noise / Instrumental / Experimental
» Zu (Noise / Instrumental / Experimental / Jazz Core)
Stubbornly free from genre classification, Italian trio Zu have been proud to follow their own musical pathways for some twenty years now.    Zu have been broadly questioning and evolving their musical identity , developing their musical vocabulary with every release and collaboration, never allowing their personal and creative freedom to be suffocated by imposed structures and labels. All of their strongest inspirations and artistic reference points have produced a very varied output, evolving ...
» Gura (Doom / Sludge / Sludge doom noise freak jazz)
Belgian experimental sludge band GURA have been around since 2004. With only bass and drums laying out the blueprint of their music, they had a surprisingly rich musical vocabulary, adding mathematical and abstract (poly)rhythms to the mix. In 2014 GURA teams up with Ludo, a long-time Zorn-esque free jazz saxophone blower and vocalist, who immediately tuned in to the nobarriers vortex of controlled noise and structured chaos, opening the gates to aural multiverses of yet unknown power and frantic ...
» Alpha Strategy (Post Punk / Noise Rock)