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 » MONDAY 29.04.2019 
MONDAY 29.04.2019 :: 
Nuits du Beau Tas Post Punk / Punk Noise

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

Rakta (BR) + Deaf Kids (BR) + Ox
Post Punk / Punk Noise
» Rakta (Postpunk / Noise)
Straight from the depths of São Paulo, Brazil, Rakta is a band too wild to be caged inside familiar rock labels. In fact, very little is familiar, or comfortable in Rakta’s music and general stance. On the road since 2012, the group, formed only by women, had as an initial inspiration the musical freedom and policy of the 70s/80s anarchist and post-punk scene, especially towards the “antiphilosophies” from the British collective Crass. After this initial impetus, they soon found their ...
» Deaf Kids (Punk Noise)
Formed in 2010 in the industrial city of Volta Redonda/Rio de Janeiro, Deaf Kids' first iteration was a solo idea by Douglas, delivering a fuzz-soaked blend of crust/d-beat and the many other musical offerings he had to offer. Soon, a live-performing unit was assembled, and a few months after the lineup was stabilized, with Mariano on drums and Marcelo on bass. Seven years, many gigs across Brazil, two European tours, eight releases - more than 200 shows after, Deaf Kids remains steadfast onto ...
» Ox (Noise Rock / Hardcore)
OX hails from Brussels, Belgium. Their sound i cut and run with the city’s abrasive elements: a blend of rock’s most brazen part, the cathartic aggression that defines hardcore and a deafening noise savagery. OX is made up of musicians having practiced their scales within groups such as: Arkangel, Length of Time, electric)noise(machine, Psalm, My Diligence, excuseexcuse… OX will seduce fans of: Metz, Retox, Unsane, Whores , The Chariot, Wrong…