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 » SUNDAY 26.05.2019 
Dead Arms
SUNDAY 26.05.2019 :: 

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

USA Nails (UK) + Dead Arms (UK) + Gunter Blast
Noise Rock / Noise Punk
» USA Nails (Punk / Noise Rock)

London based Kraut/Punk/Noise/Rock

» Dead Arms (Noise Punk)
Formed after the washed-out ending of Wet T-Shirt Competition (a band that got together after one drunken photograph at an ATP festival made us look “like we should be in a band” and actually managed to play the grand total of 3 gigs), Dead Arms retained bassist Danny 5 Bands (USA Nails), guitarist Phil Glitter (Death Pedals) and “vocalist” General Waste (It Often Takes A War) and recruited long term buddy and fellow Gamesmaster enthusiast Kitty Techno (November Fleet) on drums and started taking ...
» Gunter Blast (Noise Rock)
Gunter Blast plays Gunter Blast music. With members of Volt Voice, Qrac, Graffen Volder, TD Hoffset, Lillian Gish, El Dinah, Pull My Daisy, Viva Cats!, La Cellule Anthropophage... YES! All of these!
ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4