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 » SATURDAY 28.09.2019 
SATURDAY 28.09.2019 :: 
Fêtes de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles - 25 YEARS OF M4 Festival / Rock
A Supernaut + My Diligence + Phoenician Drive + Milk TV
Festival / Rock
» A Supernaut (Rock And Roll)

ASupernaut are a Belgian trio formed in 2015, that sail between the electricity of hard rock, monolithic psychedelic riffery and unbridled freedom, without belonging to a specific scene or movement. 

In early 2017, their first album "La Menace" was released to critical acclaim. To illustrate, let's quote the journalist of ‘Le Soir’, Didier Stiers, who at the time described "Killing of an Iron Man" as the “opus of the group, with roots in both Black Sabbath and The Cure” 

» My Diligence (Rock / Stoner metal)
Formed in Brussels in late 2013, the music of MY DILIGENCE can be characterized as straight up powerful hard rock, with influences pushing through like Queens of the Stone Age, At The Drive-In, Wolfmother and Clutch.   My Diligence is mixing up a unique chemical rock-n-roll cocktail of their very own. It's about forging ahead and breaking down cliches to find the inner source of originality.
» Phoenician Drive (Psychedelic Rock / Expérimental)
Phoenician Drive est sans doute l’une des formations psychédéliques bruxelloises les plus excitantes du moment. Fondé en 2015, ce jeune sextet vous embourbe dans des cycles de trance articulés autour de motifs à la fois orientaux, nord-africains et venus de l’Europe de l’Est, le tout sous-tendu par une rythmique jazzy, voire groovy. Ajoutez à cela des riffs psychédéliques/post-rock et de sporadiques renforcements en fonction de leurs concerts (flûtes ethniques, clarinette turque ou saxophone joués ...
» Milk TV (Noise / No Wave)
ENTRANCE : Gratuit - Free - Gratis
ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4